Friday, April 29, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 29

Friday in the FaireLands and as the wheel turns closer to May Day, the fantasy folk feel their energies rise! Saturday and Sunday will have a plethora of activities and then the Faire goes into the mists for another year, so be sure and attend while you can!

The mists parted for a short time and allowed me to take a few pictures of this fascinating town, which seems to hold so many secrets.

Hair ~ Alice Project Nadia glitter/rainbow RARE
Skin ~ Yasum Ramya Sandra Lilac
Outfit ~ The Little Bat Willow RFl item *
Jewelry ~ The Little Bat Dragon Elf Ears and Lariet Necklace RFL items *
Tattoo ~ Even-Tide Elegant FF Gradient *

Golden Delta
Afternoon found me at the Jail and Bail for Fallen Gods creator, Alia Baroque. This is always one of my favorite events at Fantasy Faire. Alia makes exclusive skins which are available only during the time of his incarceration. The sim fills with people dancing and enjoying a friendly competition between those who like the light skins (Isis this year) and those who favor the darker ones (Anubis). Tons of L$ was raised for the American Cancer Society and we had a great time!

Dancing to great music and the role play of  bringing the Princess back to heal the lands and children of Echtra, while raising L$ for RFL were the goals for those who gathered in the Viking village.

It's always fun to watch village festivals and they had a lot to celebrate when their Princess returned, bringing Spring with her.

* Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website

Fantasy Faire April 28

Quest: The Tale of the Exiles I completed the Quest today... and there was much rejoicing!

If you're a compulsive SL hunter or love challenges, this is a wonderful activity!
Purchasing a Quest hud sends you to each of the realms of Fantasy Faire to meet various characters and to find artifacts to aid you on final leg of the quest, which includes visits to Dwarves, Mermaids, Humans, Elves and rescuing a clutch of Dragon eggs.

Participants must solve riddles, successfully complete visual and auditory games and even do battle to finish the quest. It's well worth the cost of the hud, which is a donation to Relay for Life.

The designers and organizers of Fantasy Faire have been extremely generous in giving the best of their wares for the Quest prizes. I counted my treasure boxes and sim gifts at the end of the Quest and there were more than 80 of them!

Huds are L$250 for the regular hud or L$350 for the deluxe hud, which includes outfits for both male and female questors. They're available throughout the Fairelands at the landing sites.

Fantasy Faire 2016 ENDS SUNDAY! Don't miss visiting this event!

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 27

I started the Quest: The Tale of the Exiles. I was not in a hurry to complete it, which is good, because it isn't easy!  I had every intention of  concentrating on the Quest when I got up this morning, but things just kept getting in the way...

First I had to hang out in the Faireland's Junction while waiting for a friend who was afk...

Hair  ~ Truth Kera Ginger
Tunic ~ Luas Emily tunic COMMON gacha item *
Pants & boots ~ Karah Quest outfit available in the Deluxe Hud package *
Unicorn ~ Jinx Mystical Unicorn RARE gacha item *

Then we wandered around Darkmoor to look at all the pretty things...

Hair ~ Magika Ember
Head ~ Genesis Lindsey 2.0
Outfit ~ Avatar Bizarre Zaahn Female 6 colors on the hud. RFL items  Mesh jacket with pants on system or Omega layer; boots sold separately *

I finally started the Quest about 4 pm and was doing well till I got stuck on the item in Echtra.

I forgot the First Rule of Hunting: Never assume anything! 
While I stood there re-reading the clue, I got to witness a RP discussion concerning the Grey Prince. It was quite interesting and when I finally realized my big mistake, finding the Quest item was simple.

I arrived in Malefiance about 8 pm. I didn't get far, because by then I was tired, but I have a Scout to help me and there's always tomorrow!

Scout ~ hunt item; assistant on the Quest *
Shoulder belt ~ Empyrean Forge Emissary's Rook *
Shield ~ one of the hunt items from Echtra which I'm carrying to remind me of the Rule.*
All other items the same as I started out with this morning

* Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 26

There are a number of wonderful mer designers in Fantasy Faire, but unlike former years, there isn't a sim dedicated to mer items or much room to swim.  A couple of the designers are my friends, so I didn't want to overlook this important part of the fantasy realm!

Tinker's Hollow
You knew there were baby mers. Did you know they were this cute?
My mertail is a little big for me because it wasn't made for this avi, but when a kid is this little, everything is too big!

Avatar ~ ND/MD Cuties Girl A (12 months) *
Hair ~ D!va Bambi
Outfit ~ Cat 'n' Fiddle Mer Baby *

Fairelands Junction
I didn't see a "no swimming" sign in the reflecting pond near the Wall of Remembrance,  so I used the lily pads and pond weeds as a background and did a water dance for friends who have passed in the last year. We do remember them with love.

Hair ~ Rezology Graceful Goddess recolored
Head ~ Genesis Alice 2.0
Mertail & accessories ~ Tir na Nog Flowering Morning Glory *

Twilight Illusion

Mertail & accessories ~ FantaSea.:Coy:.RFL This item is available at a very reasonable price  and includes a nice mer AO, which I used in all the pictures here. *
Hair ~ Tableau Vivant Longfall Hair
Bracelets & Starfish ornament ~ MurTails Mermaids Dream *
Crown ~ Tir na Nog Coral

Sapphire Mirror Lake
I returned to SML because I read there was an underwater section, which I had missed.
There's a lovely underwater gallery with mer art and a view of sea creatures, but I couldn't find a way to get out to swim, so I settled for sitting on the rocks

Mertail & accessories ~ TempT~Mishell *
Hair ~ Tableau Vivant Longfall Hair
Head ~ Genesis Gemma 2.0

* Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 25

Sapphire Mirror Lake

This is the place to be for live shows. There is a large open air theater designed to provide the optimum experience in virtual entertainment.
The build itself is colorful and lively. There is a long fabric causeway for those who want to walk to or from the shows and large sculptures surround the theater. Though the people of Sapphire Mirror Lake may be stationary, they certainly seem to be full of life!

Hair ~ Analog Dog Iota  *
Outfit ~ *Cygnet* Jinnie Top, pants and shoes *
Jewelry ~ !Musa! Seraph Dark earrings & necklace *

Twilight Illusion

This is a place of contrasts. I've returned to it half a dozen times and every time I do, I feel that it is about something different than it was the last time I was there. It could be heaven... it could be might be somewhere in between. Wherever it is, it is ever changing and fascinating.

Part of the sim is fluffy white clouds and sweeping crystal stairs with sprays of silver folage (above)

Halo ~ Acios Heavenkiss *
Hair ~  +Aii+ Ethereal Hair Ivory
Outfit ~ Acios Heavenkiss *
Skin ~ 7 Deadly S{k}ins DROW Temperance

Part of the sim is molten lava (right)
Hair ~ Truth Kora Colors
Outfit ~ Posh Pixels Acantha Blood Lust *
Skin ~ Lumae Fable : Hunter
And part of it seems somewhere in between with lava walks and tropical plants looming out of the dark (left)

Outfit ~ MUSE Hoodoo Shaman *
[parts sold separately]
Hair ~ Analog dog Sassafras Splash
Tattoos ~ HoD Sanvean Full Body Paints

*Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Visit my Flickr page for more pictures of the sims

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 24

This sim is sponsored by the Looking Glass and it has a beautiful golden glow about it, lots of confusing buildings, a magical crystal hanging in the harbor and lots of nice things in the stores.

Hair ~ Analog Dog Iota *
Jewelry ~ !Musa! Seraph dark necklace & earrings *
Gown ~ Bite&Claw Eleanor Gown RFL exclusive *

After browsing though all the stores and spending more L$ than we had intended to, my friends and I sat beside one of the tables overlooking the harbor and chatted. Lots of friendly people [mostly those on the Quest] stopped by to say hello and to ask for hints.

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills Cleo*
Jewelry ~ LOULOU&CO Bracelet Hexa Sentier *
Gown ~ LOULOU&CO Catina Galaxy  *

[See my Flickr page for more pictures of all the sims ]

Bright Haven
One of the best things about Fantasy Faire is the way total strangers come together to fight cancer. I was honored to be part of a spontaneous street dance in Bright Haven. A bunch of us were standing around waiting for another activity to begin. The music was good, some of us started to dance and the next thing we knew, we had 30 or so avatars all dancing and we had raised over L$50K for Relay for Life.
Hair ~ Analog Dog Iota *
Eyes ~ Winry's human Eyes Dragon/Gecko, Storm *
Skin ~ Soul Ranitomeya Fade *
Outfit ~ deviousMind Layali silks and brass chains*

* Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Fantasy Faire 2016 official website

Fantasy Faire April 23

Midsummer Night's Dream presented by the Fairelands Players

The sim filled up quickly and I wasn't able to get into the Otherworld sim,
but I flew along the border and cammed in to get some pictures of the players anyway.

It's certainly worth a trip to the Fairelands to meet the marvelous folk
who have put together these activities. I hope I'll see you there!
More pictures of this and other Fantasy Faire sights on my flickr pag

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website ~

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 22

Today I attended a writing workshop under the guidance of Saffia Widdershins in the Otherworld
A group of us went to the Golden Delta to seek inspiration for a short story or poem.

This sim is a beautifully done tribute to ancient Egypt, which provided broad vistas, pyramids, sunshine and small boats on the river.
After looking around for about 20 minutes, we returned to the Litfest Crystal Pavilion in Otherworld and had 15 minutes to put our thoughts on paper before presenting them to the group. It was interesting to hear the variety of impressions.
If you have an interest in writing, I recommend attending one of these sessions, which will continue throughout the Faire.

I dressed to fit the setting in a lovely outfit from Vengeful Threads.
Anubis Bride has a system top and bottom with mesh skirt, Anubis shoulder pieces and hanging golden ankhs. Available in the Vengeful Threads store on the Golden Delta @ Fantasy Faire

Hair ~ Analog Dog Omega available @ Fantasy Faire
Jewelry ~ XOPH Midnight Dancer

The Quest: the Tale of the Exiles

Quest Huds are for sale at most of the landing points. There is a L$250 version which includes the hud and necessary attachments to use for the Quest and a L$350 version which also includes complete outfits for male and female participants.  Purchase of a hud is a donation directly to RFL and when you finish the Quest, the rewards are amazing!
This is not a simple hunt. You will need to complete various puzzles and challenges as well as using your best hunting skills.
Here I am receiving my mission from the Bard Queen, wearing the Emissary outfit from the Deluxe Hud.

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website ~

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 April 21

Fantasy Faire opened today
The designers, organizers and support people have all been hard at work for months. It's been truly gratifying to watch the group chat as the sims came together. Everybody was so supportive and FUN! as they worked together to solve problems, meet deadlines and have everything ready for the first day.

The Junction
Most people's first stop @ Fantasy Faire 2016.
Be sure to pick up a Scroll of Teleportation [teleport hud] to make traveling throughout the sims easier.

Also pick up a low lag system avatar provided by Curious Kitties. They're free and will come in handy if lag gets bad in busy locations.

A good place to keep in mind if the hustle and bustle of shopping and exploring get to be too much for you. It's quiet here and a lovely place to catch your breath.

Hair ~ Truth Kora
Dress ~ Syren's Song Josephine Ocean available @ Fantasy Fair
Jewelry ~ Zyn Subliminal Diadem available @ Fantasy Fair
Pose & Particals ~ Eternal Dreams Sorceress available @ Fantasy Fair

Bright Haven

This is a lovely little fairytale village. I found myself in the Seamstress Shop and got quite caught up in the fabric and the cat that was using for a bed

Hair ~ no.match NO_SORRY
Dress ~ The Seamstress Sassenach Gown available @ Fantasy Fair
Pose ~ *Eternal Dreams* Sorceress available @ Fantasy Fair

This is where the hunt will take place. It's dark, very dark and a very disturbing Norn popped out of the darkness behind me.

Hair ~ Magika Ember
Head ~ Genesis Lab Lindsey 2.0
Outfit ~ Jinx Frieshia Feldspar available @ Fantasy Fair
Circlet & necklace ~ Elviara silver
Bracers ~ .aisling. LadyofHighgarden
Staff ~ Talevin's Designs Staff of the Warlock available @ Fantasy Fair

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website ~

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fantasy Faire Opens April 21

Fantasy Faire is in its eighth year. It has been my favorite SL event for as long as I can remember.
Fantasy Faire 2016 promises to blow all the others away, so I am very honored /excited / humbled to have been selected as an official blogger for the event. Each designer / shop / activity allows participants to support Relay for Life to raise funds for cancer research while having the most amazing experience you'll ever have in SL.

The doors are beginning to creak open, so be sure you have everything you need:
* Sense of Wonder        This event will remind you of why you love Fantasy
* Patience                       Lots of avis means occasional bouts of LAG. It happens. Be patient!
* $Lindens                     Kiosks and items in special vendors throughout the event make donating to RFL easy
* Your Traveling Gear  Wear your low-lag and non-scripted items for the best experience
* Seven League Boots  There are 14 sims. You'll be traveling a LOT!
* Sense of Humor         Stuff happens. Have fun anyway! Laughter is good for the soul!

Start your journey at the Fantasy Faire Junction. Here gateways will take you to each of the sims. While there, look for the area just off the main landing point where the memorial candles are lighted. Each represents a SL friend or family member who has lost their battle with cancer and will remind you just what Fantasy Faire is really all about.

I'm standing at the gate to Otherworld, the literary sim doing the "Open! Open! Open!" dance.
Hair ~  Exile Jill
Dress ~ White Armory Maya of Moonhollow gown set  available @ Fantasy Faire
Jewelry ~  !Musa! Seraph earrings and necklace available @ Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website ~

Monday, April 18, 2016

Third Week of April

Some high end gacha events going on now. A few give no closing dates, but based on past experience, you probably need to visit these before the end of the month.
Seriously, would it kill the planners to make the start and end dates clear on these events???

The Gacha Guardians April 1 ~ ???
Your first stop takes you to the location to pick up a hud to take you from store to store.You must fill in the hud by touching the lighted rune column at each location to access the final prize location. If you play the Guardian gacha 10 times, you get a key for a special goody at the end of the hunt.
Hair ~ Doe Junko Pigtails Essentials RARE available from the Guardian Gacha on the Doe sim
Dress ~ Yasum Sweet Thing
Jewelry ~ CPD Rites of Spring necklace Goth edition

The Season's Story April 10 ~ April 30
Lovely seasonal items spread over a nice sim. Lots of gachas and items to purchase. It's a storybook location to take pictures, as you can see from this one I took with some passing ducks.
Hair ~ Olive Tiffany
Head and Skin ~ Genesis Gemma 2.0 RARE  available @ the Season's Story
Outfit ~ Jinx Amelia Spring

The Epiphany April 14 ~ ???
The sim was still really packed when I tried to get in Sunday night, but should be accessible by midweek.
I was camming in from the overflow sim, which allows you to play the gachas, but which can be challenging. See the hint boards on the overflow sim if you have problems. Gachas galore with really nice items from skins to clothing to home accessories.
Picture taken as I lagged off the sim.

Hair ~ Truth Kera available @ the Epiphany event
Head and Skin ~ Genesis Gemma 2.0
Outfit ~ LoveCats Calliope Lavender Mist

Flickr ~

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Celestial Magic from +Aii+

The latest items from +Aii+ are outstanding!
Even the Succubus items, which theoretically should be at least a little creepy, are beautiful.

Shown in the picture is the Moon Princess Shawl, which has floaty streamers and a big bow at the waist in the back. There is a special AO override which keeps one's arms inside the loops of the shawl. It comes with a really cute ribbon play suit and is part of the Kawaii Project.

I chose to go a different direction with my Moon Princess shawl. I'm wearing the bra and bottom from the +Aii+ Sweetheart Succubus Fatpack. This comes with mesh breasts built in so you don't have to fight to get the top to fit right. The top works with your Omega skin appliers for a perfect match! The skirt is the Drape from the Sweetheart Succubus set, which also comes in black, blush and red.

Skin ~ Lumae::Fable River lovely colors and comes with a raft of appliers, a shape and even the ears!
Hair ~ +Aii+ Ethereal 
Eyes ~ Star Gazer Moon Eyes

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Retail therapy for a rainy weekend

There are dozens of shopping and gacha events this weekend. You know you need your fix, so here are a few I visited (in no particular order) ...

Dreams (opened March 29)
Dreams is a monthly event with a special theme quarterly. It features all gachas; mostly fantasy items.
A really pretty sim with interesting people... um, creatures... like Diaski shown in the picture.

Vintage Gacha Event (opened April 7)
When you land at this one, you'll undoubtedly wonder whether you're in the right place because it tends to look like a tag sale in a warehouse parking lot, but there are gachas from some of your favorite Gorean and fantasy designers. Many have appeared at more prestigious events, so it's a good place to fill in collection gaps.
At L$30 a pull, you really can't go wrong and most of them offer a free item as well.

The Chapter Four (Monthly event lasting from the 4th - 14th of the month)
Special Guest Designers round. Now on chapter 17, this gacha/sales event has been around for a while.
This session offers a room full of under L$100 items as well as a Half Price Room.

We <3 Role-play (Monthly event lasting from the 4th - 30th of the month)
Every round of W♥RP brings more fantasy goodies. Most are discounted for the duration of the event, so it's a favorite shopping destination for fantasy creatures, Goreans, Goths and other fringe dwellers.

Hair ~ *TKW* Katka
Head ~ Genesis Lindsey 2.0
Jewelry ~ LaGyo Anantha earrings and necklace
Top ~ Absolut Vendetta - Loose tank
Skirt ~ !gO! Agata skirt

Flickr ~

Sunday, April 3, 2016

SL Shopping Events first week of April

Alchemy ~ Tarot

1st - 20th of each month

I think "gypsy" is the best way to describe the style at this event.  I didn't see any gachas, but lot's of reasonably priced fantasy and tarot items.
Avatar (standard body) ~ Stargazer Creations The Moon includes skin, eyes, hair, nails and appliers available @ the Tarot event
Gown ~ On A Lark Snow
Necklace ~ Livid Crescents Moon Magic Necklace
Ears ~ MW ilweran Elven/Elf/Faun Crystal

The Gathering
March 26 - April 10

An all-gacha event, with gachas priced from L$25-L$75.
This is a lovely build and has some excellent clothing and accessories, most of which are fantasy items. The gachas seem very generous.  I got several rares on the first or second pull, so I was impressed.

Head ~ Genesis Lindsey 2.0 Cappacino
Hair ~ Damselfly Italia
Outfit ~ AiShA Pearl Gown COMMON, crown & necklace RARES from the gachas @ the event

Medieval Times @ Genre

Starts on the 15th of every month and ends on the 12th of the next month. Each month has a different theme.

Lovely clothing, nice accessories, and all items under L$100.
If you love the medieval look or are furnishing your castle, you need to check out this month's Genre.

Armor ~ Vengeful Threads Rowena available @ Genre event
Hair ~ D!va Ami2
Scars ~ +Aii+ Bad Accident and Stitched Battle Scar
Scriptorium ~ Rivendale available @ Genre event

Medieval Mer  also @ Genre

Hair ~ +Aii+ Demi Goddesss Ivory
Outfit/fins ~ MTB Medieval Mermaid includes all mer and clothing components available @ Genre event
Skin ~ Plastik Astrali Skin Moon Elf