Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Celestial Magic from +Aii+

The latest items from +Aii+ are outstanding!
Even the Succubus items, which theoretically should be at least a little creepy, are beautiful.

Shown in the picture is the Moon Princess Shawl, which has floaty streamers and a big bow at the waist in the back. There is a special AO override which keeps one's arms inside the loops of the shawl. It comes with a really cute ribbon play suit and is part of the Kawaii Project.

I chose to go a different direction with my Moon Princess shawl. I'm wearing the bra and bottom from the +Aii+ Sweetheart Succubus Fatpack. This comes with mesh breasts built in so you don't have to fight to get the top to fit right. The top works with your Omega skin appliers for a perfect match! The skirt is the Drape from the Sweetheart Succubus set, which also comes in black, blush and red.

Skin ~ Lumae::Fable River lovely colors and comes with a raft of appliers, a shape and even the ears!
Hair ~ +Aii+ Ethereal 
Eyes ~ Star Gazer Moon Eyes

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