Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 April 21

Fantasy Faire opened today
The designers, organizers and support people have all been hard at work for months. It's been truly gratifying to watch the group chat as the sims came together. Everybody was so supportive and FUN! as they worked together to solve problems, meet deadlines and have everything ready for the first day.

The Junction
Most people's first stop @ Fantasy Faire 2016.
Be sure to pick up a Scroll of Teleportation [teleport hud] to make traveling throughout the sims easier.

Also pick up a low lag system avatar provided by Curious Kitties. They're free and will come in handy if lag gets bad in busy locations.

A good place to keep in mind if the hustle and bustle of shopping and exploring get to be too much for you. It's quiet here and a lovely place to catch your breath.

Hair ~ Truth Kora
Dress ~ Syren's Song Josephine Ocean available @ Fantasy Fair
Jewelry ~ Zyn Subliminal Diadem available @ Fantasy Fair
Pose & Particals ~ Eternal Dreams Sorceress available @ Fantasy Fair

Bright Haven

This is a lovely little fairytale village. I found myself in the Seamstress Shop and got quite caught up in the fabric and the cat that was using for a bed

Hair ~ no.match NO_SORRY
Dress ~ The Seamstress Sassenach Gown available @ Fantasy Fair
Pose ~ *Eternal Dreams* Sorceress available @ Fantasy Fair

This is where the hunt will take place. It's dark, very dark and a very disturbing Norn popped out of the darkness behind me.

Hair ~ Magika Ember
Head ~ Genesis Lab Lindsey 2.0
Outfit ~ Jinx Frieshia Feldspar available @ Fantasy Fair
Circlet & necklace ~ Elviara silver
Bracers ~ .aisling. LadyofHighgarden
Staff ~ Talevin's Designs Staff of the Warlock available @ Fantasy Fair

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website ~

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