Friday, April 22, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 22

Today I attended a writing workshop under the guidance of Saffia Widdershins in the Otherworld
A group of us went to the Golden Delta to seek inspiration for a short story or poem.

This sim is a beautifully done tribute to ancient Egypt, which provided broad vistas, pyramids, sunshine and small boats on the river.
After looking around for about 20 minutes, we returned to the Litfest Crystal Pavilion in Otherworld and had 15 minutes to put our thoughts on paper before presenting them to the group. It was interesting to hear the variety of impressions.
If you have an interest in writing, I recommend attending one of these sessions, which will continue throughout the Faire.

I dressed to fit the setting in a lovely outfit from Vengeful Threads.
Anubis Bride has a system top and bottom with mesh skirt, Anubis shoulder pieces and hanging golden ankhs. Available in the Vengeful Threads store on the Golden Delta @ Fantasy Faire

Hair ~ Analog Dog Omega available @ Fantasy Faire
Jewelry ~ XOPH Midnight Dancer

The Quest: the Tale of the Exiles

Quest Huds are for sale at most of the landing points. There is a L$250 version which includes the hud and necessary attachments to use for the Quest and a L$350 version which also includes complete outfits for male and female participants.  Purchase of a hud is a donation directly to RFL and when you finish the Quest, the rewards are amazing!
This is not a simple hunt. You will need to complete various puzzles and challenges as well as using your best hunting skills.
Here I am receiving my mission from the Bard Queen, wearing the Emissary outfit from the Deluxe Hud.

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website ~

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