Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fantasy Faire Opens April 21

Fantasy Faire is in its eighth year. It has been my favorite SL event for as long as I can remember.
Fantasy Faire 2016 promises to blow all the others away, so I am very honored /excited / humbled to have been selected as an official blogger for the event. Each designer / shop / activity allows participants to support Relay for Life to raise funds for cancer research while having the most amazing experience you'll ever have in SL.

The doors are beginning to creak open, so be sure you have everything you need:
* Sense of Wonder        This event will remind you of why you love Fantasy
* Patience                       Lots of avis means occasional bouts of LAG. It happens. Be patient!
* $Lindens                     Kiosks and items in special vendors throughout the event make donating to RFL easy
* Your Traveling Gear  Wear your low-lag and non-scripted items for the best experience
* Seven League Boots  There are 14 sims. You'll be traveling a LOT!
* Sense of Humor         Stuff happens. Have fun anyway! Laughter is good for the soul!

Start your journey at the Fantasy Faire Junction. Here gateways will take you to each of the sims. While there, look for the area just off the main landing point where the memorial candles are lighted. Each represents a SL friend or family member who has lost their battle with cancer and will remind you just what Fantasy Faire is really all about.

I'm standing at the gate to Otherworld, the literary sim doing the "Open! Open! Open!" dance.
Hair ~  Exile Jill
Dress ~ White Armory Maya of Moonhollow gown set  available @ Fantasy Faire
Jewelry ~  !Musa! Seraph earrings and necklace available @ Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website ~

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