Friday, July 24, 2015

The Fantasy Collective and Epiphany

The Fantasy Collective

The latest Fantasy Collective opened July 22. Lots of goodies here including a fantastic new hair from Aii. The Forest Witch hair comes with either natural or fantasy colors, with and without feathers and in sizes for male or female. I was taking a picture of myself in front of the Aii display and Octavia Vyper walked by and decided to try the demo. Doesn't she look lovely?

I'm wearing the hair with a gown from The Muses. Innocent comes with either gold or black trim. It has a wonderful hud that allows you to mix and match the bodice, sleeves and skirt in a variety of colors.

Hair- Aii + Forest Witch with feathers currently available @ Fantasy Collective
Dress- The Muses Innocent Gold accents currently available @ Fantasy Collective
Ears- [Gauze] Willow
Jewelry- Empyrean Forge Circadian Necklace & cuffs

The Ephiphany presents a different kind of gacha event. It has all the usual gacha goodies: fantasy items, jewelry, toys... presented in the usual machines, but with an option when you open the box of either keeping the item or exchanging it for credits that can be used for exclusive items.
Bring a sweater! It's a winter wonderland and I found myself up to my neck in snowdrifts more than once as I walked around the site.
Check their website for more info on the event concept:

Hair- Analog Dog Sassafras Splash available @ Hair Fair till July 26
Top- Fashionably Dead Rose currently available @ Collabor88
Jewelry- Plastik Sahaze in silver
Skin- Plastik Astrali Skin Pink May

Friday, July 17, 2015

Aii has done it again... and a visit to the Wizarding Fair

Once upon a time I had a line in my profile which read "I told you there was a dark side".

Aii is a wonderful resource to nurture my dark side! I had all kinds of fun using some of the recent Ugly and Beautiful releases to make a look that is dark but at the same time, strangely beautiful...

I showed the skirt in an earlier post, but here it is paired
with the wonderful matching bodice and sleeves for a dressier look.
The Moon Princess gown is short in front and long in back for a really sexy line-
black or white with silver or gold trim, with or without the shaded lining.
I blogged the Virus skin & eyes a week ago, but can't stop playing with them! 
Aii released some long tongues and I had to see how it would go with the skin.
 Every girl should have a long lavender tongue to match the lining of her skirt!
That's what fashion in SL is all about: playing...having fun...
 pushing the envelop and loving the look you make.
Don't be bound by someone else's idea of fashion.
Wear what makes you happy.
If you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right!
Top & Center-
Dress Aii Moon Princess Gown II Gold and Black
Eyes Aii Haze Virus
Skin Aii Rot Virus with Veins
Tongue Aii Long Tongue comes in a variety of colors and are also available for the guys
Ears Europa Silvan
Hair CaTwA C4 black ombre
Jewelry Plastik Pentacle Kult Choker
Shoes 50 Club Star High Heels
Vamp fangs available in every avi's Library file
Bottom- Everything is the same except the hair. What a difference!
Hair Amacci Isak White
Now for my geek side: there's a lovely gacha/sales event in the Mischief Managed RP sim. The Wizarding Fair offers all sorts of wondrous Harry Potter related items. It's mostly gachas, so should fall within the budget of most HP fans. Follow the footsteps through the halls of Hogwarts to find all the goodies... and just in case you were wondering, there are school uniforms available at the fair, but I already had the Hogwarts uniform in my inventory.
(Aznana proudly stamps a G for Geek...or for Gryffindor...on her forehead)
Hair Exile Jack or Jill gift in all colors during Hair Fair (see the July 11 post)
Outfit T&T Hogwarts school uniform available on MP
Skin .:WOW Skins:. Katty Celtic Golden

Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend of July 11

Can there be too many gacha events? Apparently not. This week the OMG (Oh My Gacha) Event started and everybody in SL seemed to be there.
A good variety of gacha goodies from toys to tats to furnishings presented in a repurposed drive-in.

Hair Fair July 11-26
Those who know me know that I'm a major hair fanatic ( I won't use the rather derogatory term ordinarily applied to those of us who never met a hair that they didn't want - I'm assuming children might use your computer sometime).

Hair Fair, the once a year dream for those of us who must have the latest and greatest in SL hair, will run July 11 - 26. Lots of opportunities to justify your hair purchases by knowing that proceeds benefit Wig for Kids, which provides wigs for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other illness.

Do a search for the Hair Fair Demo Group and click JOIN to get boxes of demos prior to the event. At the event, be prepared to be patient and plan to travel light! It's usually maxed out the first several days and laggy the rest of the time, but the previews make it easy to find the hair makers you want with the least amount of stress. Besides, it's fun to play with the demos while you're waiting to get in!

I'm seated in the middle of just a few of the hair demos I received today. There are offerings from the Alice Project, Analog Dog, CaTwA, Clawtooth, Damselfly,Emo-tions, Exile, Mina, No.Match, and Olive. There are many, many more! I'm wearing one of the demos from No.Match, No Drama.

SLurl for the redhead sim, if the others aren't full you can get to the whole fair from here-

Monday, July 6, 2015

Something completely different from Aii

I love this look. I'm not sure whether this is beautifully ugly or horribly beautiful... What do you think?

Everything except the hair, ears and jewelry is available @ the Aii Devil's Tail store.
Aii + Blood Virus Skin with and without the blood tattoo
Aii + Virus Eyes Toxic The pupils enlarge and contract for a really creepy effect.
Aii + Sinner Hands & Feet Claws
Aii + Thorny Succubus Garment black

Ears [europa] Sylvan ears
Hair Doe: Meeka Gingers
Jewelry EarthStones Harmony Ball Carnelian

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weekend of July 4

If you're looking for a fun way to spend some time out of the heat this weekend, there are a couple of fantasy shopping events going on.

Fantasy Collective features sales and gachas. It started June 22, so not a lot of time left on this one. Get over there!

Dress- Yasum Slender Touch*EPIC*DUST available in their gacha at L$50 a pull ~ Yasum* Pearl panties* free gift at the event
Hair- AD [Analog Dog] - Tantrum
Necklace- [P] Plastik Mystic Shot Jewelry:// Unicorn
Skin- [P] Plastik Astrali Basic May
Tattoo- #KA# Night Dream B&W tattoo. Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt prize. Scroll down for the link to the blog page for the hunt

Era of Conquest

Set in a medieval village with lots of shops, this sale/gacha event has some nice things based on Game of Thrones. Whether you follow the series, play Era of Conquest or just like the medieval look, you'll find some great things here.

Dress- hooded Melisandre gown available from the Sweet Lies gacha vendor @ L$50 a pull.
HairKiara from Wasabi Pills available @ the Era of Conquest Event
Jewelry- [P] Plastik Sahaze Jewelry Set offers several necklaces, earrings and two circlets with a hud to change the jewels and metal colors available @ the Fantasy Collective event listed above
Skin- [P] Plastik Astrali Basic May
Tattoo- #KA# Night Dream B&W tattoo. Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt prize. Scroll down for the link to the blog page for the hunt

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Something for the Men

It isn't easy finding good clothing and accessories for men in Second Life. There are couple of great opportunities to correct that this month.

The Male Arena Event features sales and gachas for the guys. You won't find jeans or t-shirts here, but if you like fantasy, dystopian or Gorean, you need to take a look!

The hair in the pictures comes from the Aii, available now at the Arena. Thresh features warrior braids with deadly looking hooks at the ends. Wear it with or without the hooks, available in huds for either natural or fantasy colors. (It looks good on warrior women, too!)

The Vikinglander Hunt runs July 1 - July 31. Find a Norse flag for the Viking trail or a Scottish flag for the Outlander trail and collect some great stuff! Some participants have both male and female gifts, but others have things just for the men. The hunt items are not free, but are a thifty L$2 each.
Start here:

Clothes- [TF] Tamiron Forge Vikinglander Hunt gift
Ears- Kawaii Heavy Duty Ears with plugs of my own design
Hair- Aii + Thresh Hair with silver hooks available at the Male Arena
Shape- Vivid Avs Tyler
Skin- 7 Deadly s{k}ins Group gift for July
Tattoo- QT Tattoo Viking Woman 
Weapons- Flecha shield available from the gacha in the Flecha fantasy store ~ Celtic Sword available in every avi's Library