Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 27

I started the Quest: The Tale of the Exiles. I was not in a hurry to complete it, which is good, because it isn't easy!  I had every intention of  concentrating on the Quest when I got up this morning, but things just kept getting in the way...

First I had to hang out in the Faireland's Junction while waiting for a friend who was afk...

Hair  ~ Truth Kera Ginger
Tunic ~ Luas Emily tunic COMMON gacha item *
Pants & boots ~ Karah Quest outfit available in the Deluxe Hud package *
Unicorn ~ Jinx Mystical Unicorn RARE gacha item *

Then we wandered around Darkmoor to look at all the pretty things...

Hair ~ Magika Ember
Head ~ Genesis Lindsey 2.0
Outfit ~ Avatar Bizarre Zaahn Female 6 colors on the hud. RFL items  Mesh jacket with pants on system or Omega layer; boots sold separately *

I finally started the Quest about 4 pm and was doing well till I got stuck on the item in Echtra.

I forgot the First Rule of Hunting: Never assume anything! 
While I stood there re-reading the clue, I got to witness a RP discussion concerning the Grey Prince. It was quite interesting and when I finally realized my big mistake, finding the Quest item was simple.

I arrived in Malefiance about 8 pm. I didn't get far, because by then I was tired, but I have a Scout to help me and there's always tomorrow!

Scout ~ hunt item; assistant on the Quest *
Shoulder belt ~ Empyrean Forge Emissary's Rook *
Shield ~ one of the hunt items from Echtra which I'm carrying to remind me of the Rule.*
All other items the same as I started out with this morning

* Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website

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