Monday, April 18, 2016

Third Week of April

Some high end gacha events going on now. A few give no closing dates, but based on past experience, you probably need to visit these before the end of the month.
Seriously, would it kill the planners to make the start and end dates clear on these events???

The Gacha Guardians April 1 ~ ???
Your first stop takes you to the location to pick up a hud to take you from store to store.You must fill in the hud by touching the lighted rune column at each location to access the final prize location. If you play the Guardian gacha 10 times, you get a key for a special goody at the end of the hunt.
Hair ~ Doe Junko Pigtails Essentials RARE available from the Guardian Gacha on the Doe sim
Dress ~ Yasum Sweet Thing
Jewelry ~ CPD Rites of Spring necklace Goth edition

The Season's Story April 10 ~ April 30
Lovely seasonal items spread over a nice sim. Lots of gachas and items to purchase. It's a storybook location to take pictures, as you can see from this one I took with some passing ducks.
Hair ~ Olive Tiffany
Head and Skin ~ Genesis Gemma 2.0 RARE  available @ the Season's Story
Outfit ~ Jinx Amelia Spring

The Epiphany April 14 ~ ???
The sim was still really packed when I tried to get in Sunday night, but should be accessible by midweek.
I was camming in from the overflow sim, which allows you to play the gachas, but which can be challenging. See the hint boards on the overflow sim if you have problems. Gachas galore with really nice items from skins to clothing to home accessories.
Picture taken as I lagged off the sim.

Hair ~ Truth Kera available @ the Epiphany event
Head and Skin ~ Genesis Gemma 2.0
Outfit ~ LoveCats Calliope Lavender Mist

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