Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 26

There are a number of wonderful mer designers in Fantasy Faire, but unlike former years, there isn't a sim dedicated to mer items or much room to swim.  A couple of the designers are my friends, so I didn't want to overlook this important part of the fantasy realm!

Tinker's Hollow
You knew there were baby mers. Did you know they were this cute?
My mertail is a little big for me because it wasn't made for this avi, but when a kid is this little, everything is too big!

Avatar ~ ND/MD Cuties Girl A (12 months) *
Hair ~ D!va Bambi
Outfit ~ Cat 'n' Fiddle Mer Baby *

Fairelands Junction
I didn't see a "no swimming" sign in the reflecting pond near the Wall of Remembrance,  so I used the lily pads and pond weeds as a background and did a water dance for friends who have passed in the last year. We do remember them with love.

Hair ~ Rezology Graceful Goddess recolored
Head ~ Genesis Alice 2.0
Mertail & accessories ~ Tir na Nog Flowering Morning Glory *

Twilight Illusion

Mertail & accessories ~ FantaSea.:Coy:.RFL This item is available at a very reasonable price  and includes a nice mer AO, which I used in all the pictures here. *
Hair ~ Tableau Vivant Longfall Hair
Bracelets & Starfish ornament ~ MurTails Mermaids Dream *
Crown ~ Tir na Nog Coral

Sapphire Mirror Lake
I returned to SML because I read there was an underwater section, which I had missed.
There's a lovely underwater gallery with mer art and a view of sea creatures, but I couldn't find a way to get out to swim, so I settled for sitting on the rocks

Mertail & accessories ~ TempT~Mishell *
Hair ~ Tableau Vivant Longfall Hair
Head ~ Genesis Gemma 2.0

* Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 official websitehttps://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/

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