Friday, May 27, 2016

Fantasy events ~ weekend of May 27

The Fantasy Collective
+Aii+ Carved Warrior Tattoo
If you like scarification, you're going to love this one! Really tough warriors have magical symbols carved into their skin and now you can, too! Available in several levels of redness and with appliers for most of your favorite mesh bodies for a very reasonable price @ TFC
Fair Play
Jinx Liger Nare ~ Gacha item Everybody needs a friendly Liger to liven up their lives. Available in a variety of styles and colors, these pretty kitties can be rezzed or worn depending on the luck of the gacha and even come in a riding war style with armor
 Hair ~ Analog Dog Sassafras
Outffit ~ Torvis Olimpia

Back with a combination of gachas and sales items and featuring everything from hair and skins to furniture. There is a lot here for the fantasy lover.


Friday, May 20, 2016

May 19 Darkness in the Midst of Springtime

Dark Style Fair May 14 - June 4
I mentioned this in passing last week, but didn't feature it because I hadn't been able to get in. The crowds have vanished and you can have a delightfully dark time wandering around. Anything black, Gothic, or weird is likely to be in the stores. One really nice feature is that it has a lot of items for men, with convenient "Men stuff " signs to make it easier for the guys to find them.

Hair ~ Olive Tiffany Dark Fades
Skin ~ Pink Fuel Renee Crystal
Shirt ~ The Little Bat Horror Tank w hud *
Necklace ~ Random Matter Shoya choker w hud *

On the Boardwalk Gacha event
Some of your favorite Gothic designers are participating in this event. Mostly clothing and jewelry in the gachas, which range from L$30 up. There's an abandoned amusement park and some stores along the Boardwalk, as well as the gachas.

Hair ~ Doe Junko Pigtails - gacha item - not at this event
Outfit ~ GeMyles Lillymae minidress
Necklace ~ ZS Truth Necklace*

* Item available at the featured event

Flickr ~

Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 13 Gacha, Gacha, Not Gacha

Fantasy Gacha Carnival May 7 - June 7
Clothing, weapons, furniture and stuff for the Fanstasy and Gorean crowd. Many favorite designers with new designs in this totally gacha event. I met my friend, Morning Star, running around the event and asked her to pose for me in the goodies she'd gotten from the gachas @ FGC (all COMMONS):
Hair ~ Doe Hayley solid Monotone
Skin ~ Alterego Merlou [neuter] 08
Outfit ~ Axisx Jainna Dress Elemental
Jewelry ~ Axix Jainna Heart / Bracers

6 Republic Event May 9 - ???
Need home furnishings? An apartment? How about a warehouse or a complete English pub? Whether your needs are large or small, you'll find something interesting at this mostly gacha event. The theme is New York vs London. The styles and colors are mostly retro/grunge. It's much like walking through the back allies of either New York or London and poking into junk shops.

Enchantment May 14-31
Thumbelina round features items that would be used by a thumb-sized person. There are interactive poses and furniture galore and clothing made from flower petals and leaves. Most items are for direct sale, but there are a few gachas.
Hair ~ Doe Cierra two tone gacha item available in the resale markets
Outfit ~ Sweet Lies Thumbelina COMMON *
Lamp ~ Sweet Lies Flower Lantern Staff COMMON *
Necklace ~ Trident Druid Amulet
Wings ~ +Aii+ Pixie Wings 6 colors + tintable. I tinted mine to coordinate with the skirt I was wearing
* available @ Enchantment

Dark Style Fair May 14 - June 4
For your gothic shopping pleasure, visit the Dark Style Fair. It just opened and, of course, will be full for the first couple of days, but should be fairly easy to get into by Monday or so.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Corrupted Visions from +Aii+

Now available @ the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Corrupted Visions from +Aii+. With a huge variety of blindfolds and mesh eyes, this is a fun gacha to play and an easy way to punch up a fantasy look.

You can easily edit the iris to any color you want. When you first use them, the eyes appear semi-translucent and it's hard to see how awesome they really are because the features don't pop unless you edit the iris color. This feature will allow you to perfectly match your eyes to the color of your skin or clothing and really make a unique statement!

Hair ~ [fd] fashionably dead Lady Amalthea
Mask ~ +Aii+ Corrupted Visions  Daku Oni blindfold RARE
Eyes ~ Aii Corrupted Visions Silver Contract COMMON
Skin ~ [NM] Nephilim Aurora Sorrow
Outfit ~ LouLou&Co  Catania

Flickr ~

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Events for the week of May 6

We <3 Roleplay Ends May 31
The anniversary round opened this week and nearly every shop has a free gift just for visiting.
No membership is required for the free items.
Some of the gifts are extremely nice!

Hair ~ CaTwA TNT-V2 mixed with dDx- Phoenix
Dress ~ Lorien Lady Notkrosis
Couch ~ Zerkkalo  Free pillow available @ We <3 Roleplay

After making a few purchases and picking up a few more gifts, I had changed my look somewhat... partly because I got booted from the sim for having too high a rendering score with the hair in the upper picture. Nice that I found a pretty low render style at the event! [Yeah, I know... just an excuse, but...!]

Hair ~ Tukinowaguma Helga
Earrings ~ Meva Estelle a gift @ We <3 Roleplay

The Garage Fair May 6-22
Held in a storage yard with roll up garage doors, as you might expect, designers at this event specialize in urban/grunge styles. Lots of cute tees, shorts and SHOES everywhere! Most stores have a gacha as part of their display, but the emphasis here is on shopping.

Genre-La Belle Époque Ends May 12
If you have ever dreamed of vising Paris in the early part of the 20th century, don't miss this event.
Find an elegance in the clothing with a nod to beginning women’s rights, absinthe, gay Paris, motor vehicles, and the Titanic! Everything at the event is less than L$100.
Hair ~ Elikatira Sophia
Dress ~ Adoness Lilly Lavinia includes the accessories available @  La Bell Epoque event
Shoes ~ Bowtique Sweetheart

Vintage Gacha May 5-19
They're back again with L$30 gachas and free gifts. If you missed something at any of the recent fantasy gacha events, chances are you'll find the gacha here eventually.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fantasy Faire May 1

The final day of Fantasy Faire. It's hard to believe it's been ten days! We have literally seen magic
occur before our eyes. People from all over the world met to celebrate life, to Quest, dance, laugh and work magick in beautiful surroundings. They also raised more than L$7 million to aid the fight against cancer.

I spent the morning revisiting some of my favorite places:

I spent many happy hours here just soaking in the beauty of the sim. I loved the giant dragon skull and wondered at the skill required to make the sim reflect magic from ever possible angle. This is where I tried my hand at writing for the first time in many years. Many thanks to those who worked on the LitFest!

Hair ~ Analog Dog Sassafras
Gown ~ Senzafine Isilme Peacock
Jewelry ~ Bliensen + MaiTai Farfalla Tiara & Dragonfly wings /
The Dark Fae's Skelly Dragon necklace

Golden Delta
Another favorite sim. The total immersion in ancient Egyptian imagery was wonderful and there were some great parties here! Everyone I met here was upbeat, enthusiastic and willing to share whatever they were doing with anybody who wanted to be involved.

Hair ~ Wasabai Pill Cleo
Skin ~ Fallen Gods LE Anubis Skin
Outfit ~ Soedara Belly Dancer Mahtab

Jinx Attic

The Jinx Store in Breeze had three floors . The most comfortable place in Fantasy Faire was the attic of this little shop. It was quiet and there were kitties everywhere! I had to go say goodbye to all of them before the sim closed.

Hair ~ Tameless Esther
Outfit ~ Jinx Capricorn faun legs, bloomers, sleeves, cape, ears and horns

I hope you've enjoyed exploring Fantasy Faire with me. Though the Faire is gone, and with it many of the limited edition items, please visit the stores mentioned either in world or on MP to find similar wonders.

Flickr Fantasy Faire 2016 Album

Fantasy Faire April 30

Fantasy Faire is drawing to a close. There will be activities till about 6 pm Sunday, May 1, and then it will disappear into the mists of time

Many of the role plays drew to a close today. The Children of Echtra have replaced the statue of their Princess on her pedestal.

The Neo-Victorians have returned to their planet.

...And, for the most part, the Exiles have settled into their new homes and the warring factors have united to bring peace to Malfience. You can continue to work on the Quest thorough the day Sunday.

Saturday night people danced in the streets of the Golden Delta to celebrate life and to raise yet more Lindens for Relay for Life.

Hair ~ Alice Project Nadia Glitter/Rainbow
Outfit ~ LoveCats Dream of Dragons
Armor ~ The Forge Daerwen black *

MAY DAY BALL with DJ Gabrielle Riel
Sunday 4-6  pm SLT

* Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 official website