Saturday, April 9, 2016

Retail therapy for a rainy weekend

There are dozens of shopping and gacha events this weekend. You know you need your fix, so here are a few I visited (in no particular order) ...

Dreams (opened March 29)
Dreams is a monthly event with a special theme quarterly. It features all gachas; mostly fantasy items.
A really pretty sim with interesting people... um, creatures... like Diaski shown in the picture.

Vintage Gacha Event (opened April 7)
When you land at this one, you'll undoubtedly wonder whether you're in the right place because it tends to look like a tag sale in a warehouse parking lot, but there are gachas from some of your favorite Gorean and fantasy designers. Many have appeared at more prestigious events, so it's a good place to fill in collection gaps.
At L$30 a pull, you really can't go wrong and most of them offer a free item as well.

The Chapter Four (Monthly event lasting from the 4th - 14th of the month)
Special Guest Designers round. Now on chapter 17, this gacha/sales event has been around for a while.
This session offers a room full of under L$100 items as well as a Half Price Room.

We <3 Role-play (Monthly event lasting from the 4th - 30th of the month)
Every round of W♥RP brings more fantasy goodies. Most are discounted for the duration of the event, so it's a favorite shopping destination for fantasy creatures, Goreans, Goths and other fringe dwellers.

Hair ~ *TKW* Katka
Head ~ Genesis Lindsey 2.0
Jewelry ~ LaGyo Anantha earrings and necklace
Top ~ Absolut Vendetta - Loose tank
Skirt ~ !gO! Agata skirt

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