Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 24

This sim is sponsored by the Looking Glass and it has a beautiful golden glow about it, lots of confusing buildings, a magical crystal hanging in the harbor and lots of nice things in the stores.

Hair ~ Analog Dog Iota *
Jewelry ~ !Musa! Seraph dark necklace & earrings *
Gown ~ Bite&Claw Eleanor Gown RFL exclusive *

After browsing though all the stores and spending more L$ than we had intended to, my friends and I sat beside one of the tables overlooking the harbor and chatted. Lots of friendly people [mostly those on the Quest] stopped by to say hello and to ask for hints.

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills Cleo*
Jewelry ~ LOULOU&CO Bracelet Hexa Sentier *
Gown ~ LOULOU&CO Catina Galaxy  *

[See my Flickr page for more pictures of all the sims ]

Bright Haven
One of the best things about Fantasy Faire is the way total strangers come together to fight cancer. I was honored to be part of a spontaneous street dance in Bright Haven. A bunch of us were standing around waiting for another activity to begin. The music was good, some of us started to dance and the next thing we knew, we had 30 or so avatars all dancing and we had raised over L$50K for Relay for Life.
Hair ~ Analog Dog Iota *
Eyes ~ Winry's human Eyes Dragon/Gecko, Storm *
Skin ~ Soul Ranitomeya Fade *
Outfit ~ deviousMind Layali silks and brass chains*

* Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Fantasy Faire 2016 official website

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