Monday, April 25, 2016

Fantasy Faire April 25

Sapphire Mirror Lake

This is the place to be for live shows. There is a large open air theater designed to provide the optimum experience in virtual entertainment.
The build itself is colorful and lively. There is a long fabric causeway for those who want to walk to or from the shows and large sculptures surround the theater. Though the people of Sapphire Mirror Lake may be stationary, they certainly seem to be full of life!

Hair ~ Analog Dog Iota  *
Outfit ~ *Cygnet* Jinnie Top, pants and shoes *
Jewelry ~ !Musa! Seraph Dark earrings & necklace *

Twilight Illusion

This is a place of contrasts. I've returned to it half a dozen times and every time I do, I feel that it is about something different than it was the last time I was there. It could be heaven... it could be might be somewhere in between. Wherever it is, it is ever changing and fascinating.

Part of the sim is fluffy white clouds and sweeping crystal stairs with sprays of silver folage (above)

Halo ~ Acios Heavenkiss *
Hair ~  +Aii+ Ethereal Hair Ivory
Outfit ~ Acios Heavenkiss *
Skin ~ 7 Deadly S{k}ins DROW Temperance

Part of the sim is molten lava (right)
Hair ~ Truth Kora Colors
Outfit ~ Posh Pixels Acantha Blood Lust *
Skin ~ Lumae Fable : Hunter
And part of it seems somewhere in between with lava walks and tropical plants looming out of the dark (left)

Outfit ~ MUSE Hoodoo Shaman *
[parts sold separately]
Hair ~ Analog dog Sassafras Splash
Tattoos ~ HoD Sanvean Full Body Paints

*Available @ Fantasy Faire 2016

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