Friday, June 24, 2016

Weekend of June 25

Liason Cooperative 7th-30th of each month

Beachwear and beach/summer accessories. No gachas.
Hair ~ D!va Melissa
Skin ~ WoW Skins Phraya Golden dark
Outfit ~ Mimikiri Nana off the shoulder top and shorts available in a variety of colors. Pieces sold separately @ Liason Cooperative.
Pose ~ !bang Stand 578

Summerfest 16

Beachwear and other fun summer stuff like the Cool shark's head from Nomad. No gachas.

Hair ~ Damselfly Unity SL13 cake gift available @ Hairology
Sweater ~ Hudson's Ruby Sweater
Jeans ~ Butterfly Effect Cynthia Jeans
Shoes ~ Lindy Katie white

Don't miss the SL13B activities going on across the grid in addition to the main site
Check out Hairology and Fantasy Collecive. Both places have lots of SL13 cakes with really good gifts.


Hair ~ enVogue Kendra SL13 cake gift available @ Hairology
Head & Skin Genesis Labs Olivia 2.0
Blouse ~ Mimikiri Nana off the shoulder top
Necklace ~ CDP Astronomy Two

Fantasy Collective

Hair ~ Alice Project Nadia Essentials Mirror
Bindi ~ Bewitched Moon
Eyes ~ ARISE Sunny Eyes grey SL13 cake gift available @ Fantasy Collective


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weekend of June 18th

The Wash Cart Sale June 15- July 6
The biannual Cart Sale offers items from some of SL's newest designers as well as old favorites. The best thing about it is that EVERYTHING is L$10!
Granted, some of it is obviously a first effort, but by and large, the quality is good.
You won't see any carts at this cart sale, but the display boards are full and it was kind of nice not to have to navigate around the carts they used to have.

Hair ~ Doe Tang (two tone) Gacha item from the store
Skin ~ WOW Skins Lexie DarkTan MM item
Dress ~ Lavian&Co Hotter than Hell with color hud*
Jewelry ~ Sage Cameron Bracelets with texture hud*
Shoes ~ Rowena's Designs Sarah Wedges with color hud*
* Available @ the Wash Cart Sale

We <3 Roleplay
Besides the wonders for sale, look for SL13 cakes in many of the shops. Click the cake and receive a piece of cake with a gifty inside. Not all the shops offer cake, but the ones I picked up were excellent!

Hair ~ TKW Yuko **
Skin ~ LAQ Jennie2
Outfit ~ White Armory Dellhaven Sprite Dress**
Jewelry ~ Yummy Tiny Acorn necklace
** Cake gift @ We <3 Roleplay


Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Shopping SL Style!

Jersey Shore
Jersey shore combines direct sales with  gachas. Lots of bikinis and summer wear and L$10 gift bags in most shops. Be sure to take the teleporter to the cart shops for more shops and LOTS of gachas!

Doing my Pauley Parrette impression with items available @ the Jersey Shore*
Hair ~ Tameless Hair Gretta L$10 gift *
Head ~ Genesis Gemma 2.0 Cappuccino
Outfit ~ NS Rock Outfit*

Tropical Summer Fair June 3-17
Lots of shorts, bikinis, dresses and other beach needs as well as some accessories such as blankets and beach chairs. This one is kind of a mixed bag: everything from kawaii to high fashion in separate shops along the boardwalk.
Hair ~ Lamb Crave You
Dress ~ Lavian&Co Drift Away #5 *
Shoes ~ Gaall Always

Twisted Summer of Love June 1-30
Visit San Francisco to get your fill of tie dye, lava lamps, casual furniture and rainbow-colored Twisted cubes. Shopping, Gachas, Relay for Life vendors and a Twisted hunt all in one location. What more could you ask for?

Thanks to my friend, Morning Star, for playing hippie.
Hair ~ Analog Dog Tantrum
Outfit ~ BlackRose Gypsy Dress
Jewelry ~ CPD Anasazi Turquoise Pendant / LoveCats Faelyn silver bracelets


Friday, June 3, 2016

+Aii @ Gami Gacha

Gami Gacha Opens June 3
A different kind of gacha event combines goodies based on some of your favorite games with a shopping experience that is a game in itself.

Collect tokens as you play the gachas and then play the Wheel of Fortune with your tokens to win Limited Edition items that have been made especially for Gami Gacha and which will never be offered again.

Hair ~ Alice Project Ellie SE Ombre Group gift
Head & Skin ~ Genesis Lindsey 2.0 Cappuccino
Ears ~ +Aii Kitsume Ears RARE *
Tail ~ +Aii Kisume Foxfire Tail RARE *
Outfit ~ +Aii Kin no Korusetto Kimono
Shawl ~ +Aii  Kuro Gami Shawl COMMON *
Halo ~ +Aii Gold Magatama COMMON*
Necklace ~ +Aii Black Ribbon Gold Magatama COMMON*
Statue in backgroundNogitsune Golden Statue RARE*

The Gacha Arcade June 1- June 30
One of SL's favorite gacha events. It's always packed the first week, so plan on being very patient and persistent or cam in from the offsite shopping area.

We <3 Roleplay  June 4 - June 30
The next round will begin Sunday and run for the rest of the month. Always a good shopping opportunity.

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