Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fantasy Gay Pride Day Three

Day Three saw us rocking out to lots of music.

Max Kleene turned in a powerful performance from the lighthouse stage in the Canadian section of the sim. Many native Canadians were in the audience to cheer him on!

(thanks to Vander Galaeth for the wonderful pictures)
DJ Starhawk Starostin provided just the right balance of country and rock 'n roll for the Best in Western dance held in the Kokopelli section of the sim. There was some line dancing and lots of boot stompin' through the evening. We decided we're glad some mamas let their babies grow up to be cowboys!

The hunt continues through the week. The prizes are amazing! Find clues and landmarks in the blue Fantasy Gay Pride Posters throughout the sim.

Next event will be Wolfie's Poetry Surf on Tuesday Sept 8 @ 2 in the Egyptian tomb. Come listen to the poetry or even read some of your own. This event will be in voice.

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