Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fantasy Gay Pride Day Nine

What a fantastic day! We were in Valhalla today and partied like gods and heroes!
DJ Astoria Luminos did a wonderful Northern/Celtic/Earth power set that had everyone feeling energetic and heroic.
Savannah Coronet and the Hell on Heels Dancers did a powerful show which was so well attended that we moved out of the hall into the snow outside to allow everybody to see the performance

Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs had us all dancing, laughing and craving waffles as they presented their unique brand of musical excellence and craziness.

Sept 13 is the LAST day for Fantasy Gay Pride 2015.

1 p.m. SLT will see a special presentation by the Oval Theater players. There will be extravagant production numbers and some amazing sets, so come early to get a good seat in the Aztec temple in the Brazilian Jungle area of the sim.

The cumulating event of the festival will be a Belly & Bollywood dance in the India part of the sim. DJ Lysana FireBride will be spinning the tunes and the costume contest is "Best in Exotic"

The sim closes today (09/13/15) and will be gone tomorrow, so be sure and visit early! The sim-wide Hunt continues till we move the mountains, so see you there!

See my Flickr album of FGP 2015 here:

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