Saturday, September 26, 2015

Nightmares continue: Arachnophobia?

I like spiders. Generally speaking, spiders and I get along really well. The exception was a brown recluse spider who decided I was encroaching on her territory. She bit me and I ended up going to the emergency room, not once but twice because of complications from the bite.

Thanks to +Aii+, I can pay homage to that very protective arachnid. Here is my interpretation of a brown recluse spider. They aren't quite as poisonous as a black widow, but enough for me!

Head, skin & eyes ~ +Aii+ Arachnia Rot with Gold eyes @ the Nightmare Event beginning October 1
Hair ~ Damselfly Collins
Dress ~ Uni Bronte Brown
Jewelry ~ Luas Elvira Golden

Pictures taken at the Caverns of Zyn

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