Saturday, September 19, 2015

Twisted!!! Sept 19 - Oct 19

Say "Twisted" to a group of SL hunters and you get one of two reactions- either they'll get a mad gleam in the eye and a strange evil grin, or they'll run away screaming. Twisted has been known to cause eye strain, insomnia and even ... insanity!

Hunters either love or hate Twisted and most times it's a bit of both. For the uninitiated, the Twisted Hunt takes place twice a year and is one of the longest lived SL hunts, having been around since 2010 or earlier. There is even a museum of past Twisted hunts if you should choose to learn more about it:

The hunt item is a spinning cube. This round's cubes are black and white. Participants are allowed to use decoys, fill their sims with twisty cubes and in general make it impossible to use tools like area search, wire wrapping and other cheats to find the item. Twisted prides itself on being the toughest hunt in SL. There are no hints, cubes are frequently moved and if you are so foolish as to ask for help in the chat group, you will be ridiculed! I love it!
Here I am @ Roots & Wings wearing Crimson Haunt, the Twisted hunt gift. There are lots of other nice twisted things in the store like the Icy Lament Gown, featuring the Twisted logo in the top picture, and the Twisted Blood Dress below. There are new goodies in the MM boards as well as in the lucky board and special prices on new items till 9/21/15. Stop in and check them out!

Hair ~ Emo-tions
Skin ~ Style by Kira Giada
Hair ~ D!va Maya
Skin ~ Style by Kira Giada
Hair ~ Truth Elsa
Shoes ~ Lindy Nola BlackPat with Bobby Socks gift from Totally
Wrong Hunt 
Skin ~ LAQ Jennie2
Find more about the Twisted Hunt here:

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