Friday, September 11, 2015

Fantasy Gay Pride Day Seven

Key Drammond put on a great show for us in the Greek Island part of the venue. He performed some of the Neil Young pieces for which he is famous in SL as well as a variety of other tunes. Everybody who attended had a wonderful time!
Friday from 6-8 we'll be having a theme dance and costume contest: Best in Oriental.  Lysana FireBride will be spinning the tunes for listeners in both Fantasy Gay Pride and at Farhaven. Japan

Saturday will be a day full of music ~ 2-4 stl Astoria Luminos will be playing Viking and Celtic themed music for the dance and costume contest in the Valhalla Great Hall. Come dressed in Best of Viking or your best raiding tee shirt.

The amazing Savannah Coronet and the Hell on Heels gals will be performing in Valhalla from 5-6 slt.

Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs will complete the day's musical activities with their very unique show in Valhalla from 6-7 slt.
Fantasy Gay Pride 2015 will continue through Sunday September 13. Come visit the sim, do the hunts, ride the train and have a wonderful time!

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