Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Secret Affair September 15-20

You arrive to find yourself in front of a long stone stairway. Snow is falling and the mist makes it difficult to see where you're going. Suddenly you come thorough a pass and behold... SALES! Some of your favorite designers from We <3 Roleplay, the Season's Story and the Fantasy Collective are participating. There are a few gachas but most of the items are for direct sale.

Some of you who visited my build for Fantasy Gay Pride have probably come to the conclusion that I'm rather fond of traditional Scandinavian stories and the Viking way of life. You would be correct in that assessment!
It's probably a good thing that the Secret Affair event didn't open prior to FGP 2015, or I would have had to buy everything on the sim! Though the theme is listed as "The Raven", I saw much more Viking and Gorean than Gothic. (I particularly liked the tiny cradle that looks like a long ship with a mobile of runes above it from AF. It had me going all misty eyed and missing my babies.)

As it is, I was content to purchase this very nice and "as authentic as possible to render in mesh" dress from Aisling. It comes in several colors with a dark and a light undergown for each color. The turtle brooches and necklace show the usual Aisling attention to detail.

I love it! I can dump all those other Viking gowns I've accumulated over the years in SL! This one is much like the one I wore for years in the SCA and has the advantage of not looking like I'm wearing a tent, which has always been an issue with the flexi gowns.

Dress ~ Aisling Astrid in brown includes the attached jewelry
Hair ~  Calico Creation Dina
Skin ~ Apple May Brielle

Pictures taken at the Secret Affair site

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