Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New treasures from Aii + {Devil}

Aii the Ugly and the Beautiful + {Devil} has just released some new goodies with a more modern look than usual.

The skirt is called Space Princess and it got me thinking of a possible back story for the Tooth Jewelry that came with it.
What if... an advanced space civilization honored their historic roots by wearing the teeth of the species they encountered? If you look closely, you'll see the jewelry is made of teeth that look decidedly... human.

Fishnet top + {Devil} ~ comes in a variety of colors and two styles with and without seams across the breasts. For standard bodies, the tops are on the tattoo layer so that you can wear it with vests, jackets, armor or whatever you want. Appliers for mesh bodies included.

Space Princess skirt + {Devil} ~ Black or white tapered skirt trimmed with a subtle line of gold or silver around the edges. The lining is a purple and blue universe print which looks wonderful with the metallic trim.

Tooth Jewelry + {Devil} ~ Only Aii could make something so creepy seem so desirable. Necklace, bracelets and earrings come trimmed with either ruby or purple and come in a clean version or the aged version I'm wearing. Available at the Ai gacha event starting June 1.

Skin {T&T} Beautiful Body Lea in ivory ~ Hair Truth Jinx pastels ~
Boots Yasum*MESH*Rider Boots

Priestess Hairsticks
These are more in keeping with Aii's traditional style. Lovely, well made in a variety of colors, the ones I'm modeling are the RARE Priestess of the Rose headdress in crimson. The COMMON hairsticks are without the roses. These will be available beginning June 1 at the Ai Gacha Event
Hair D!va Ami ~ Kimono Ho Wear Lotus ~ Skin Mother Goose Bomi

Aii Devil Tail store http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devils%20Tail/128/190/22

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New from Yasum

I had a nice surprise this morning. I unexpectedly received some blogger sets from Yasum.
I'm a big fan of Azlyn's fashions. They're unique and very well done, so I was thrilled! I'm not one of her regular bloggers, but am happy to tell you about them.

Yasum *Mesh* Dread Head
I have a love-hate relationship with dreads in SL. I like the look, but so many have really bad textures for the hair. This hair is smooth and glossy with nice accents like a leather headband and gypsy coins. It looks GREAT!
The hair is also available in a man's version. You can find this at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which I have already done a couple of posts about, so scroll down for more about that...
Yasum *Mesh* Aanisah Gown 
One of the things I like best about many of the Yasum fashions is that they come with huds that allow you to change textures in a variety of ways.
One dress can have many looks by changing the colors, trim and accessories.
I'm showing three variations here, but the possibilities are practically endless. There are 9 skirt color and pattern options, panel or no panel, 6 bodices and numerous colors and designs for the dress trim and bodice jewel.
Aanisah dress is available at the Fantasy Collective.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Events for mid-May

The World Gothic Faire http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/127/119/1000

I ran through the World Gothic Faire rather quickly, but intend to return when I have time to browse. For those whose lifestyle is on the dark side, this is a great opportunity to do some shopping and to meet kindred spirits.
I ran into Morning Star at Club Gothica in the center of the Faire and she posed for me. It's a little disconcerting when my roommate can totally rock the Goth look so easily- who knew?

Top- Lovecats "Kilt Noir" ~ Skin 7 Deadly S{k}ins May group gift ~ Hair DeLa "Dina"

Morning Star- Dress B-Cute "Melinda" ~ Hair *AP* (Alice Project) "Bells" RARE  ~ Necklace Pixel Box metal crosses ~ Ring CPD
Secret Affair
If you didn't get your fill of fantasy items at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, check out Secret Affair. There are gachas here, but it also features lots of items designed specifically for sale at the event.

The nice folks at Secret Affair are very big on recycling, so depending upon which info vender one clicks, you might get info and LMs for the November 2014 or the March 2015 rounds, but I couldn't find one with the dates for the current round.  It opened May 15, so if it runs two weeks as the other rounds have done, I'm guessing it will end May 30th.

Gypsy tunic is available at this round of SA from !CD (Cellar Door). I was wearing my Faun armored legs from !CD and the top worked perfectly with them. I also bought the matching nomad skirt (not shown)
Skin Plastik Astrali "May" ~ Horns Plastik Vynn "Kadience" ~
Jewelry Circadian from Empyrean Forge

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fantasy Gacha Carnival May 12 - June 5

Suffice it to say, I LOVE gachas. I'm hooked. I'm an addict. I need help!

That being said, one of my favorite events has opened its spring round.
Here I am at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, wearing a few of the goodies that I got from the gachas here.

For the first few days, bring your patience. It may be hard to get in, but don't give up if they dump you in the ocean at the foot of the cliffs. You will get in eventually!

View from the landing point.
A world of possibilities awaits under the triple moons of Gor.

 It's more than just clothing or jewelry
This crypt by Ravenghost is also a gacha prize

Posing with Princess Aii's kitsune at the Aii booth.
I'm wearing the RARE Demon Hound headdress
and armband available in the gacha here

All the items I'm wearing are available from the gachas at this round of the Faire~
Hair: Doe [formerly .ploom] "Meeka" COMMON in Ginger with a variety of shades in the hud
Dress: Bronte dress COMMON includes hud to change the belt metal
Jewelry: Luminary COMMON "Lilith" necklace in gold and silver, bangles in silver
Armor: Aii RARE "Demon Hound" headdress and arm band
Skin is an oldie but goodie from Filthy

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fun at the Faire

Something new in the list of Relay for Life activities on Second Live.
The "Unmasking a Cure" Medieval Faire hosted by the Realm of Cedarwood, which runs from May 8-17th offers shopping (of course!), a variety of games and sports such as fencing and archery and music and dancing.

I stopped by there with my friends Saturday night and we had a lovely time on the archery range, then returned on Sunday morning with different friends for Brendan Shoreland's concert and some dancing.
The people are lovely, the activities are enjoyable in a low-tech sort of way and there wasn't a lot of lag.

See their website for more info and LMs http://uacmedievalfaire.weebly.com/

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fantastic events coming up in early May 2015

May 1-31, don't miss the Dark Event II. Whether you like Goth, fantasy, or just need some new dark accessories, this is the place to be. Great stuff for men as well!

We <3 Role Play opened May 4. There are 92 fantasy and role play designers featured in this round. There are freebees and discounted items galore in honor of We <3 Role Play's second birthday.

I'm waiting impatiently for Fantasy Gatcha Carnival to start on May 12. It runs through June 5 and with the themes of Goth, Demon, Elf, Black Caste, and Urt, I know I'll spent many happy... or frustrating... hours trying to get that perfect item from the gacha machines.

Here I'm wearing some of the wonderful things which will be offered by Aii:

Aii Demon Hound Headdress and Armband will be featured at Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Wearing the rare "Blood" ones.

... and if that isn't enough, how about these?

Aii Demon Princess Horns in Stone, Blood and Silver. I plan to demon up and do another entry on the FGC items, but I couldn't resist trying the horns. The face paint is also from Aii, Spirit in white. The Horns and face paint come in a variety of colors.

Isn't it fun how a change of color and of hairdo can change the look of an avi? Use those accessories to make your avi unique!

Aii- Demon Hound Headress and Armband ~ Demon Princess Horns ~ Spirit face paint
Hair (top to bottom)- [LeLutka]-Lively ~ Amacci-Isak ~ Dura-Girl*61 ~
Skin- 7 Deadly S{k}ins group gift for May
Armor- [Sakide] Anawyn in Black available at Dark Event II
Sword - Celtic sword available in everybody's Library inventory file

Fantasy Faire 2015 ends

I made one last run though Fantasy Faire on Sunday evening as they were auctioning off the forests, glades and other features, including my favorite, the story area from Sylvan of Spells.

I borrowed this statement from the official Fantasy Faire website:
"Fantasy Faire has relayed L$ 7,586,125 ($ 30,345) by May 4rd, 1AM SLT. That’s right, over seven and half million lindens, resulting into over 30,000 US dollars! Thank you, Faire Folk. Thank you"

It was a wonderful event and I'd like to thank all those who helped plan, perform, present or participate in it!

Aii: Spirit Dancer Face Paint white
Ever an' Angel: Nouvelle Chemise - Aubergine
Caverna Obscura: Strawberries from Strawberry Faerie II outfit
Damselfly: Darilyn flexi hair