Saturday, March 28, 2015

Empyrean Enchantment [Originally blogged March 18/2015]

Today’s treasures come courtesy of Empyrean Forge. The lovely Circadian Necklace, Earrings and Cuff bracelets are currently available @ the Secret Affair, Pegasoi.

I love the detail and quality of workmanship in this jewelry! My pictures really don’t do them justice.  The jewelry is bronze and crystal with touches of silver. The pieces can be purchased separately and each comes with a hud to change the crystal colors to very subtle Smoky Quartz, Topaz, Aqua Aura, or light Amethyst. They are very well made and absolutely beautiful to wear. The quality shows in those extra little touches like having the backs of the earrings completely finished and in the crystal clasp at the back of the neck.

The theme of the event is “Post Apocalyptic” and apparently things will be somewhat primitive, but fashionable after the end. This jewelry can be worn with fantasy outfits, steampunk or with an evening gown as I show it here.
Hair used in the pictures are CaTwA-Erika-Pumpkin AND Exile-Blown Away-Naturals
Skin is from Plastik-Astrali-Killer

Medieval Magic

Felt the need for a new spring  look and found some things I absolutely love! [Originally blogged March 16, 2015]

The hair is Collins Partial-rigged Mixed RARE from Damselfly at the Luck of the Irish Gacha event. The Mixed RARE package comes with a hud for  a couple dozen different colors, but the COMMON packages also have a nice variety of shades. I love the casual sophisticated look and especially like that the hair is only partially rigged, which means that you can resize it and adjust it to fit perfectly. It comes with matching hair bases.

The gown is The White Armory's 17,000 member Commemorative gown LE. As a limited edition, there are only 200 of these gowns available. The textures are amazing! The Celtic knotwork on the sleeves and around the hem has a real old-gold look, not the smudgy yellow or orange that so many makers call gold. The gown fits the standard size bodies well and the alpha is well done. The mesh moves well and bends and stretches without obvious distortion.
The skin I'm wearing is Paola Bare from Dulce Secrets. The tats are Mab's Secret from ::Collisions:: The shoes are ballet flats from ALB. Photos taken at the Magick sim

Friday, March 20, 2015

Aznana's Fantastic Fandangles

After having a private blog for a while without a lot of traffic, I have moved here to Blogger. Welcome to my new home!