Monday, January 25, 2016

Retail Therapy for the Winter Blahs

Fantasy Collective (January 22 - February 10)
 I was kind of disappointed in this round. It seemed that a lot of the usual designers were absent and there wasn't a lot of clothing available, though there were lots of gachas for other things, as well as items for sale.

Hair (+Yuran+ hair hud 1) from +Aii+ It will be available to the public soon
Outfit ~ Una Mirae available @ the Fantasy Cooperative
Snowflake Staff ~ Una Snow Cane available @ the Una store
Skin ~ WoW Skins Katty Golden Celtic
Tattoo ~ Dita Couture Left Hand
Fantasy Collective ~

Wayward Winter (January 18-31) This event offers shopping and gachas with a slightly winterish feel, though most of the items could be used year round. The sim itself is a lovely alpine village with large cabins for sellers  and cute little open sided stalls for gachas.

Hair ~ MINA- Natasja ski cap
Skin ~ WoW Skins - Donna Sunkissed
Ears ~ Europa Sylven Ears
Sweater ~ {amiable}Over-sized Knit Cardigan- gacha available @ Wayward Winter event
Jeans ~  Lash Wear Tribal Denim Blue
Boots ~ Chic & Shoes Winter Boots
Wayward Winter ~

Coming Soon: Gacha Garden (opens February 1)

This event isn't open yet, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the offerings from +Aii+.
When you're feeling sorry for yourself because you have a winter cold, just remember, you could have eyes growing from your chest and back, noxious vapors rising from your hands and strange bruising all over your body... evil grin!

All accessories and extra touches are from +Aii+ and the photos were taken at the new Devil's Tail store.

Hair ~ +Yuran+ hair hud1
Extra eyes, bruises, strange vapors, wrapped beads, etc. ~ Blight infection and talismans will be available @ the Gacha Garden
Kimono ~ Akai Korusetto
Geta ~ Death Geta for Slink high feet
+Aii+ new location ~


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Love blooms @ Faces of a Stranger

Today's offering is a line of system dresses with resizable flexi skirts that are perfect for casual Valentine dates or for any time.  Shown here are three of the dozen or so styles available separately. Each features little puffy heart trim on the sleeves and comes with a cute Hello Kitty necklace.
These are well done and will fit your system body perfectly. They won't work with a mesh body.

1. Black & White Hearts
Hair ~ Doe Bryn Solid colors Gacha item
Skin ~ Apple May Brielle

Photo: Magicland Park

2. Chocolate Cherry
Hair ~ Doe Bryn Gingers ~ Gacha item
Head & Skin ~ Genesis Lindsey
Jewelry ~ Night Owl Designs Red Bangles
Shoes ~ Angel Alphaville 72c 3.1

Photo: Foreverland Park of Magic

3. Conversation Hearts
Hair ~ +Aii+ Rose Princess Hud 1 naturals
Head & Skin ~ Genesis Lindsey
Stockings ~ Izzie's Heart Undies available on MP

Photo: Sarah's Magic Kingdom & Disney Museum

Close up of the +Aii+ Rose Princess hair

Faces of a Stranger


Saturday, January 9, 2016

OMG (Oh, My Gacha) and +Aii+ is there!

OMG Oh My Gacha! Event
Opens Jan 10th-@ 12 AM SLT - January 24th

The latest from +Aii+ is Lunar Moth, which will be featured in the gachas @ OMG.  This outfit has beautiful glowing floaty wings, antennae, eyes, articulated arm and leg pieces and additional legs (or arms... it's hard to tell with moths). Available in either silver or gold with jewels in one of four colors on the accessories. There are additional pet moths and bindi as well.

Hair ~ +Aii+ Starlight available on MP
Skin ~ Pulse Skin Snow Twisted 2015
Ears ~ Europa Sylven ears
Silver Armor ~ Luas Akemi Armor thong and top
Gold Silks ~ Ramp Design Artemida  available on MP

Monday, January 4, 2016

A new look for the New Year from Roots & Wings

For your dressing pleasure, Root & Wings offers casual striped knit shirts in 9 color combos

Once in a while, even a costume hound like me likes to relax and get real with my look. Perfect for a night at home or for a hike through the Grand Canyon, this shirt is stylish but comfortable.

Gabrielle [the blue version] is the group gift for January 2016
The knit shirts are available at a discount now @ the newly remodeled Roots & Wings store and are also available on MP

Hair ~ Exile Falling for You Naturals with baret
Skin ~ WOW Katty Celtic golden
Sweater ~ Roots & Wings Adrianna [berry tones] or Gabrielle [blues]
Jeans ~  Allusions by Sabryne Rhode. These are system jeans, come in a huge fat pack and are available very inexpensively on MP. I wear these more than any other jeans. They aren't torn, grungy, can be worn under boots and don't show my crack. Seriously, if you use a standard body, you need these jeans!
Jewelry ~ Yummy True Believer Charm Necklace
Shoes~ Yasum tracking boots

Pictures taken at Grand Canyon


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy 2016!

The holidays are over, but the winter fun continues in Second Life.
There are several hunts and other activities that will be going on till January 9 or 10, so you can keep that holiday spirit just a bit longer.

The Peace on Earth Hunt
First stop:
This is the 8th year for POE. There are some excellent stores participating and though the hunt gifts are mostly Christmassy, they are certainly worth saving for next year. Yes, some of us do that!

The Fantasy Creators Showcase Yuletide Event
Has many of your favorite fantasy designers participating and one of the easiest hunts ever! Just look in the cute little cupcake and gingerbread Yuletide shops for a wrapped package and receive a gift!
Donations from this event are going to TeamFox and Parkinson's Research

The Winter Solstice Hunt
Organized by Nevermore Hunts, some of my favorite designers from the darker and fantasy side of the grid are doing this one. It runs till January 10

Dress ~ I'm wearing the POE8 hunt gift from Blue Moon Enterprises. Find it in the store before taking the teleport outside up to the Yuletide Event.
Hair ~ D!va Melissa in Red Amber
Jewelry ~ Hopscotch Snowflake Earrings
Skin ~ Plastik Astrali Skin Summer Heat
Tattoos ~ Collisions Iolanthe white sparkels and wings / SYS makeup snowflake eyes and lips