Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sleepless in SL

I received a set of wonderful skins from +Aii+ today. The skin line is called Sleepless and ironically, they arrived in my mailbox at 3:05 a.m. I was having one of those nights and wandering SL in hopes of finding entertainment till Morpheus could overtake me.

With names like Frail, Sick, Tainted, Withered and Dead, you can see that the skins are for those special occasions when you are in need of some special care. Each comes with a no brow, dark and white brow standard skins as well as TMP and Omega appliers for both bodies and heads.

I'm wearing Weary, which is the darkest tone, and exactly how I was feeling. There's nothing like playing with new skins till the sun comes up to help you forget those pesky worries that are hissing in your ears and keeping you awake!

Skin ~ +Aii+ Weary available @ the main store
Shape ~ Magic Avi Rag Nymph
Hair ~ Rezology Graceful Goddess
Nightshirt ~ Cellar Door Revival Tunic Ivory
Snakes ~ +Aii+ Oorochi RARE from the gacha collection @ Epiphany (coming soon)
Background ~ LaGyo Wintermoon Veil

+Aii+ The Ugly & Beautiful ~

Thursday, March 24, 2016

From Fantasy to Outer Space

Fantasy Collective (March 22 ~ April 15)
I was online when the notice went out that group members could visit the Fantasy Collective a few hours before the official opening.
The wee hours of the morning found a number of us rushing around admiring the offerings for this round.
The designers have answered the call of spring and there all lots of unique clothing and accessories in spring colors and themes.
Hair ~  Rezology Pulled Back Perfection
Dress ~ Jinx Amelia Spring
Jewelry ~ Earthstones Ariel in Sugilite
Boots ~ Gaall from the Rodeo set

Lost and Found (Opened March 22)
This round held more interest for me than the late winter one. It's a fun place to wander around.
Clothing and furnishings all have a retro accent. Each little store offers only a few items with about an equal number of gachas and direct sale items.

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills Fay Crystal Pink
Dress ~ Doll House 50's Vintage Dress Cynthia
Shoes ~ Alyce Seductive Heels

Sci-Fi Conference (March 18-27)
This RFL event covers several sims.  There are donation kiosks and special sale items with the proceeds going to the Cancer Society.  There are rides, entertainment, stores and event-wide hunt with some cool gifts and some really nice freebees for Sci-fi fans, but most of the builds are designed to entice those who are already active fans to join a particular RP group. If you like sci-fi, you might just find some kindred spirits to conquer the galaxy with.

Hair ~ Rezology Pulled Back Perfection
Skin ~ Plastik Astrali Skin Plute
Outfit ~ Yasum Play Black


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

+Aii's Oracle

Oracles live lives of solitude and often of anguish because of their ability to foretell the future. 

She clings to her talisman and counts on the protection of the words and sigils flying about her to protect her even when the vision has brought her to her knees.

I combined the Opalite Oracle Robe and accessories from +Aii+ with a couple of sacred talismans also from +Aii+ to create a tribute to those ancient and modern women who live apart and tell the truth.

+Aii+ ~ Cloak, chains, and floating lights
+Aii+ ~ Sacred Talismans in hand and surrounding me in the air

Head ~ Genesis Makena 2.0 Albino
Body ~ TMP free body, hands and feet available @ the Shops
Hair ~ Red Mint Hair N0,15'13
Collar ~ Curious Silver and Diamond collar

+Aii+ The Ugly & Beautiful


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Events you may have missed

Shiny Shabby  [opens the 20th of each month and closes on the 15th of the following month]
I'm wearing a cute Spring dress from Faces of a Stranger . Items at SS tend to be vintage style in both clothing and home décor. A new round will start Sunday, so keep it in mind.
Avatar ~ Curious Chinchilla mod with parts from Felis Kitty & Zeka Bunny and Puppy Reflective eyes
Hair  ~ Catwa Flexi Bella
Jewelry ~ Candy Pearl Pastel bracelets /Envi Pink Bunny necklace
Dress ~ Faces of a Stranger Poke-a-dot Pink&White

Gacha Good [March 8- 31]
This one doesn't feature a lot of well known designers, but if you absolutely need a gacha fix, it'll work. There are gacha boards from 30 designers as well as small shops around the perimeter of the lot.
Hair ~ Exile Moonlight Stroll
Outfit ~ Suga Baby Pot 'o Gold

Tea Party Fair [March 16 - 31]
The atmosphere here is fun, but I don't think all the designers got the memo about the Alice in Wonderland theme. It's a small event with cute little teapot stores w-a-a-a-y at the top of long stairways. There is clothing and jewelry and a few Alice themed freebees, but I definitely got the impression that it was either a first time event for a lot of the designers or that they were just spread too thin with other events.
I'm wearing the very cute free Alice Mao dress from [Bloody Factory] which is available @ the event.
Hair ~ LeLutka & Celoe Vent Hair
Skin ~ Body & Soul Poppy Teen Series
Shoes ~ Lindy Nola BlackPat w bobby socks


Thursday, March 10, 2016

+Aii+ @ Skin Fair (March 11-27)

+Aii+ has released a few mesh heads in the past including the Arachne ones I blogged back on October 2, but these are different. The single head can be used as an everyday head and then there's the triple head...

Each head comes as a blank white mesh which must have skin texture applied using the Omega hud, which is available either in the +Aii store or on MP.  This was my first attempt at applying a skin to a head, but the process was very simple and I love the result.

There is a textured spot on the forehead to apply a third eye and +Aii has third eyes available for purchase in the store. I opted for the more elaborate Jewel Demon Eye.

+Aii+ Tsukiakuma Mesh Head
Skin ~ DBF Misumi skin, ivory
Third eye ~ +Aii+ Jewel Demon Eye
Hair ~ Olive Darla Hair Dark
Jewelry ~ :::DC::: Owned collar
Bracelets ~ Cute Poison Celestial bracelet
Outfit ~ Alb Prema Saree dress

+Aii+ Omega Freak Head (includes eyes)
Jewelry ~ LaGyo Anantha Necklace
Outfit ~ Alb Savitri Dress 3

+Aii+The Ugly & Beautiful


Friday, March 4, 2016

Whimsical, Spacey and Lotsa Gatchas

The Gacha Arcade is open again
The usual complement of collectable animals and toys, hair, lots of home décor and items for use outdoors.
It was packed the first few days, but I had no difficulty getting in by the 3rd.

Multiverse Event 2016
Offering a look to the future or possibly just an alternate reality, this event sees some familiar designers and others who are joining the fantasy realms for the first time.
Hair ~ Rezology Luster tinted lavender
Gown ~ Plastik Mahva Dress Astrid available @ the event
Jewelry ~ Plastik Lavender Diviner Set available @ the event

Whimsical. An Inspired event
Take a little fantasy, a little country and mix it with a touch of whimsy and you get Whimsical.
There are gachas, items to purchase direct and a lovely sim to wander through with cute garden booths. Altogether a beautiful event and I got several really nice gachas on the first pull, which is always a plus.
Everything I'm wearing except for the skin and ears is available at the Whimsical event
Hair ~ Elikapeka Sophia
Corset and Skirt ~!gO! Peasant woman gacha items
Necklace ~ Plastik Petrichor Druid Twigged Necklace silver
Skin ~ Apple May Brielle in Peach
Ears ~ MW ilweran Elven Ear