Monday, October 26, 2015

Roots & Wings Bat Dresses

Just in time for Halloween, Roots & Wings offers some cute bat gowns ~
Available in a variety of colors with matching wings. I'm wearing "Devilish" and you can see three more examples on the vendor behind me in the photo. These gowns have a nice glowy spider web texture and soft colors. The slit skirt gives the gown a nice sexy touch. The wings are separate and the colors are subtle enough so the gowns can be worn any time.
The Bat gowns and a number of other cute Halloween styles are available for 35% off in the Roots & Wings Haunted Village till November 1.  If the landmark doesn't take you directly to the Haunted Village, just look for the sign in the main store and click it.
Hair D!va Lili Onyx
Stockings & shoes Acios Queen of Voodoo cobweb stockings & thorn garters

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Happenings week of the 23rd

Halloween night approaches and the ghosts, goblins and creative spirits are partying in Second Life. The other Halloween events I've listed this month continue till the big day, so check my earlier posts for even more places to check out.

1. Cupcake Island Halloween Village

Offering shopping, live music, carnival games and other craziness, this is every grown-up kid's idea of fun.

2. Heart of Darkness

Part of the SL most Haunted Hunt, this sim is very well done. It is a commercial sim and has clothing and other Halloween themed items for sale, but it also offers a great variety of locations and poses for pictures.

3. Fantasy Collective

The artists and artisans of the Fantasy collective have assembled a frightening number of creepy things for your costuming and partying pleasure.

Join the group so that you can go trick or threating through the event. Some of the pumpkins have tricks, but most have wonderful treats for group members.

Hair LeLutka  Marie in Iron Hotcake
Skin +Aii+ Arachnia skin and mesh head with 6 eyes. When I first got this set, I thought it would be a fun novelty thing that I might use once or twice. I've gotten quite fond of wearing it! I really like it!
Claws +Aii+ Sinner hands
Spider legs +Aii+ Spider Queen
Gown Shar's Gowns Spiderweb Dress. Available on MP.

Avatar Skeleton Lady in Gray from Tayren's Fantasy Fashions. Comes with everything including hair and facelights. Available @ the Heart of Darkness sim and also at the Cupcake Village.

Eyes +Aii+ Virus eyes Toxic
Hair LeLutka Vent Hair in Irish Red
Outfit Livid Coven Coat Saturday and Fedora. This is a gacha goodie. I got mine @ the Epic Gacha yard.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Mid October and Second Life is preparing for Halloween

I spent the weekend doing all sorts of interesting activities that had a slightly dark edge...

FC Dark Magic Dance

Faery Crossing does all kinds of good work with new SL residents. There are regular dances on Mondays @ 12 and Fridays @4 slt. The picture is of a special dance venue for one held Saturday. FC has a wonderful haunted castle which is part of the 2015 SL's Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt

Pastel Goth Event
This one was a struggle for me. Somehow, in my mind, "Pastel" and "Goth" just don't occur in the same universe, but I gave it a try.

There were some interesting things to see there. Not the least of which were the little blond, pink-cheeked "Goths" in their pastel cutie dresses. For me, putting pastel paint on a skull doesn't make it Gothic... or desirable.
The best part of my visit was wearing my Monster Heels from +Aii+. I've been wearing them all weekend to all kinds of activities and even to a formal ball and I love their cheery little teeth! I'm also wearing the Just Jeans from Purple Moon and a sweater from Ema's I found on MP.

2nd Burn SL's tribute to Burning Man

If you like performance art, check it out. Or do what we did and just go over and say "hi" and get to know the residents of this temporary city in the desert.

Fallen Gods Anniversary Fallen Gods is an institution among fantasy lovers in Second Life. Alia Baroque, the "skin carver", makes wonderful fantasy skins of all kinds and colors and has a network of other creators who make clothing and accessories to compliment them.

From now till October 24, Fallen Gods is celebrating it's 8th year . There will be special activities, free goodies and a contest to select the best Male and Female wearing the FG skins. [My entry is above. If you're already a member of the FG group, I'd appreciate a vote! See Oct 9 blog for info on the skin and accessories in the picture] The group is free to join and is well worth it because there is always something happening at the sim and some wonderful, if somewhat unusual, people in the group.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Moon Dresses from Roots & Wings

Some lovely new gowns from Roots & Wings. They come in a variety of muted colors and have a very nice overskirt of semi-transparent fabric which gives an almost magical effect.
They come with a cute matching headpiece (not shown)


I love the simplicity of this gown. It makes a statement without being overdone.  I chose the black and silver because I was trying for the essence of moonlight. Rich purple or red and gold might suit you better.

There's a special promotional price on all colors of the gown till October 19. If you're looking for something to wear to a Halloween event without doing the traditional witch or vampire, these gowns fill the bill nicely and I know for a fact that this one works well with a pointed hat and short cape.


Gown ~ Roots & Wings Lynx
Hair ~ Emo-tions Hair *Last Night* Snow 
Jewelry ~ May's Soul Moon necklace and cuffs in silver
Skin ~ Plastik Astrali Skin Moon Elf
Eyes ~ +Aii+ Soul Collector's Eyes Haze


Friday, October 9, 2015

October forecast: Freaky and fun!

The Nightmare Event continues...
Just a few shots of some of the spots in the walkthrough (hunt)

The creepiest part for me was this hallway with dozens of identical doors, which is one of my personal phobias.

Spinning Twilight Zone tunnels: Nothing to fear here... except dizziness, claustrophobia and a whopping headache.

Hair ~ +Aii+ Monster Girl Hair
Jacket ~ Yasum Brooks Tuxy
Skin ~ Fallen Gods Lady of the Shadows Coal
Eyes ~ +Aii+ Virus eyes Blood
Ears ~ Ilweran: Elven/Elf/Faun ear Bone

See my blog of October 2 for more information about the Nightmare Event.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Roots & Wings Group gifts and a weekend offer

Two new group gifts for the Roots & Wings Clothing Group and the VIP Group!  These blouses and skirts are perfect for the autumn season. The other version is in a soft pink and blue.

 The VIP group is only L$200 to join until Monday (10/05/15) and then it will go back up to L$250.
If you're a VIP member, you can purchase all clothing at a 25% discount!

Dress ~ Roots & Wings Autumn Winds VIP clothing group gift for October
Hair ~ Emo-tions *Alari*
Jewelry ~ Hudson's Vintage Amber
Skin ~ Plastik Astrali Skin Wood Elf
Photo ~

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Nightmare Event is open!

Whether you're looking for fascinating goodies to add to a Halloween costume or you just like a really good haunted adventure, the Nightmare Event is the place to go!

There are amazing things for sale on the upper level of the sim. If you take the teleporter at the center down to the next level, you can pick up a hud for the Nightmare Event Pumpkin Hunt and then the fun begins!

In order to receive the free gifts displayed at many of the shops on the upper level, you have to wear the hud while hunting for 25 pumpkins. You then go through an amazing haunted/freaky/unsettling sim and a huge maze to find the pumpkins.

At the end of the day, it's all about the good things ~ getting home to your own haunted house with a pile of goodies from a hunt, a cuddly new Kitsune, and a new phobia (I'm now afraid of high stone walls and retracing my steps over and over again in a maze while hunting for the last illusive pumpkin. )

I had the honor of participating in a survey earlier this year. We were asked to rank a bunch of fears and phobias such as insects, being out of control, hospitals, clowns... you get the picture: those things that really creep you out. The creepiest ones appear in this event and they're very well done!

Head, eyes & skin  ~  +Aii Arachnia available @ the Nightmare Event
Hair ~ Damselfly Collins
Jewelry ~ Luas Elvira Golden / Silver Spiders ~ Doll House creepy Nightmare gift
Dress ~ Una Bronte Brown
Plushy ~ LOVE Nightmare Kistune Copper lots of other styles from the gacha @ the Nightmare Event