Friday, September 16, 2016

Fantasy Gay Pride opens Sept 16 @1 pm slt

Fantasy Gay Pride's goal is to increase understanding and acceptance of ALL forms of gender expression and healthy sexuality. We do it by creating wonderful fantasy environments and featuring dances, live performances, educational displays, a sim-wide hunt and just generally having a GREAT time for 10 days and inviting everybody to come and celebrate with us!

Sim-wide Hunt begins Sept 16 and continues through Sept 25. Hint list available in the Crystalline Castle Welcome area

1-2 pm Opening Ceremony /  Poetry - Wolfgang Glinka @ the Crystalline Castle

Wolfgang Glinka (Colin Bell)is a poet and novelist in both SL and RL.

He will kick off Fantasy Gay Pride with original works he has composed for this and former FGP events on.

2-3 pm Maxx Sabretooth - Live Music & Dance @ the Crystalline Castle
Maxx Sabretooth has the kind of voice that makes you stop and listen.  His bluesy tone and R&B style will grab your attention.  His love of music is evident in every note he sings.
Maxx has been entertaining in SL since 2009 and  sings a variety of styles.  He especially enjoys R&B, Soul, Pop, Light Rock, Jazz, Motown and even some Contemporary Country! 

3-4 pm Keeba Tammas - Live Music & Dance @ the Crystalline Castle

Keeba Tammas is one of the finest female vocalists in Second Life. A professional vocalist for many years, Keeba was in a variety of bands in the eighties. She also did voice overs for cartoons and commercials.

A seasoned performer in SL as well, Keeba is one of the most sought after female vocalists available. From the first song to the last she delivers a power packed punch ... performing her songs with tremendous energy and shear raw talent. Her backup band, The Tiny Maniacs add to the fun for a zany, high energy performance.

6-8 pm Dance & Costume Contest in conjunction with Farhaven: "Pirates" @ the Pirate Cove

You are cordially invited to join the nefarious pirates of Fantasy Gay Pride for a Pirate Dance featuring the sounds of DJ Starhawk Starostin.

Wear your seafaring best and help us dance the night away in the Pirate Cove and aboard the docks and ship. Watch out for the chickens... and the pigs!

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