Wednesday, September 28, 2016

+Aii @ Fantasy Collective

 When all is said and done, I am at heart a warrior and always appreciate a cool weapon.
+Aii has created a lovely scythe for this month's Fantasy Collective, which looks like it could take on a whole army of demons or orcs all by itself. It has a jewel in the head and runes carved along the blade. It comes with 9 different holds which it maintains even if you're walking or dodging exploding rocks.
I did discover it couldn't protect me from flying lava balls, but at least I looked good when I got bowled over a split second after I snapped this picture.

Weapon ~ +Aii+ Dark Harvesting Scythe [9 animations / materials and no materials] available @ Fantasy Collective

Hair ~ Calico Thedra Fades
Horns ~ +Aii 1K Flickr Followers free gift
Head & Skin ~ Genesis Lara 2.0
Outfit ~ SAKIDE Anawyn Outfit black
Tail ~ +Aii Spaded Tail
Boots ~ Ben's Boutique Gladiator Boots [Slink]
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