Friday, September 23, 2016

Fantasy Gay Pride ~ Hunt

Fantasy Gay Pride features a sim-wide Hunt, as well as other visitor gifts.
Today's offering: pictures of just a few of the hunt prizes and freebees:

Japanese Vases ~ Hunt gift from the GLBTI Museum. One of dozens of gifts in the Museum
Kimono ~  Hunt gift from Starhenge in The Future

Picture taken in the Japanese room of  the Museum. [Flowers not included in the prize]

Free androgynous avatar wears the FGP 2016 logo tee and poses with vendors of some of the free clothing available for Sunday's Cross Dressing Party.

Picture taken in the Crew's Quarters of the
Lifeship Susscientiam aka "the Pyramid"
[Hair not included]

Postulant's Robe and Duaeterrae Necklace ~ Hunt gifts from the Future

Picture taken inside Quest Mountain

Gazebo complete with dance and kiss pose ~ Hunt gift from the Catwalk

Picture taken at the Catwalk
[Sexy couple not included]

Free Gowns, makeup, shoes, etc., etc., etc. in the Dressing Room.

Outfits are provided for Sunday's Cross Dressing Fashion Show, but are certainly appropriate for any occasion.

We hope you will join us for the fun!

Be on the lookout for pocket watches in unexpected places. Our theme is Time Travel and what better to hunt for than a classic watch? You should receive a list of hunt hints from the greeter when you land of the sim, but in case you miss that, the list is available from the poster to the right of the door when you enter the Crystalline Castle. The Hunt ends @ Midnight Sunday, Sept 25.

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