Saturday, October 1, 2016

Nightmare Event Open

Combine all your deepest fears with a hunt and a shopping experience and you have the Nightmare Event.

Plan on having the hair stand up on the back of your neck and, dare I say it, having a few nightmares after doing this hunt. The builders surveyed a group of SL scare lovers to identify the things that were the creepiest and they're all included in the hunt.

When you arrive @ the Nightmare sim, you will see the teleport arrow that leads to the hunt.
The arrow is in the center of concentric circles of shops offering all sorts of disquieting goods including the Trypophobia Head and skin from +Aii+ that I'm wearing. If you don't know what trypophobia is, do a search for it. You may have it without even realizing that you do.

I took a few minutes to browse the shops before taking the teleporter down to hunt: There are lots of skins., tattoos, claws, horns, jewelry and the afore mentioned Trypophobia Head just waiting for you.

At the bottom of a rather long fall you see this sign:
Be sure to get both a hud (the tooth) and a flashlight. You'll need them. Wear the hud and click "yes" to let it animate you or you won't go anywhere. Use local winlight settings,  turn on the sim sounds and stream and go without any extra huds or scripted items to make it more fun for everybody. Then all you have to do is find 25 teeth and 5 keys in some of the creepiest and most confusing builds you've ever experienced and you'll be all set to receive some wonderful gifts from the participating merchants.

About the Trypophobia Head from +Aii-
I've been wearing this head and skin for a couple of days and it's fascinating. It's horribly beautiful or beautifully horrible... not sure which. (Yes, those are pink eyeballs on my cheek... and down my arms...) Depending on the light, it can look cute and harmless or rather frightening.

IMHO, +Aii does subtle, stomach dropping horror better than anybody else in SL. The mesh head has openings for mesh eyes all around the right eye and down the cheek. Mesh eyes are included, as are omega appliers for the skin, which has options for eyes on the shoulders or not.

Hair ~ Ayashi Mizu Hair Anime set
Ears ~ MW Ilweran: Elven/Elf/faun ear ZO Gen 05
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 3.5
Outfit ~ White Armory Luna Vega Gown

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