Friday, May 27, 2016

Fantasy events ~ weekend of May 27

The Fantasy Collective
+Aii+ Carved Warrior Tattoo
If you like scarification, you're going to love this one! Really tough warriors have magical symbols carved into their skin and now you can, too! Available in several levels of redness and with appliers for most of your favorite mesh bodies for a very reasonable price @ TFC
Fair Play
Jinx Liger Nare ~ Gacha item Everybody needs a friendly Liger to liven up their lives. Available in a variety of styles and colors, these pretty kitties can be rezzed or worn depending on the luck of the gacha and even come in a riding war style with armor
 Hair ~ Analog Dog Sassafras
Outffit ~ Torvis Olimpia

Back with a combination of gachas and sales items and featuring everything from hair and skins to furniture. There is a lot here for the fantasy lover.


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