Saturday, May 7, 2016

Events for the week of May 6

We <3 Roleplay Ends May 31
The anniversary round opened this week and nearly every shop has a free gift just for visiting.
No membership is required for the free items.
Some of the gifts are extremely nice!

Hair ~ CaTwA TNT-V2 mixed with dDx- Phoenix
Dress ~ Lorien Lady Notkrosis
Couch ~ Zerkkalo  Free pillow available @ We <3 Roleplay

After making a few purchases and picking up a few more gifts, I had changed my look somewhat... partly because I got booted from the sim for having too high a rendering score with the hair in the upper picture. Nice that I found a pretty low render style at the event! [Yeah, I know... just an excuse, but...!]

Hair ~ Tukinowaguma Helga
Earrings ~ Meva Estelle a gift @ We <3 Roleplay

The Garage Fair May 6-22
Held in a storage yard with roll up garage doors, as you might expect, designers at this event specialize in urban/grunge styles. Lots of cute tees, shorts and SHOES everywhere! Most stores have a gacha as part of their display, but the emphasis here is on shopping.

Genre-La Belle Époque Ends May 12
If you have ever dreamed of vising Paris in the early part of the 20th century, don't miss this event.
Find an elegance in the clothing with a nod to beginning women’s rights, absinthe, gay Paris, motor vehicles, and the Titanic! Everything at the event is less than L$100.
Hair ~ Elikatira Sophia
Dress ~ Adoness Lilly Lavinia includes the accessories available @  La Bell Epoque event
Shoes ~ Bowtique Sweetheart

Vintage Gacha May 5-19
They're back again with L$30 gachas and free gifts. If you missed something at any of the recent fantasy gacha events, chances are you'll find the gacha here eventually.

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