Friday, June 3, 2016

+Aii @ Gami Gacha

Gami Gacha Opens June 3
A different kind of gacha event combines goodies based on some of your favorite games with a shopping experience that is a game in itself.

Collect tokens as you play the gachas and then play the Wheel of Fortune with your tokens to win Limited Edition items that have been made especially for Gami Gacha and which will never be offered again.

Hair ~ Alice Project Ellie SE Ombre Group gift
Head & Skin ~ Genesis Lindsey 2.0 Cappuccino
Ears ~ +Aii Kitsume Ears RARE *
Tail ~ +Aii Kisume Foxfire Tail RARE *
Outfit ~ +Aii Kin no Korusetto Kimono
Shawl ~ +Aii  Kuro Gami Shawl COMMON *
Halo ~ +Aii Gold Magatama COMMON*
Necklace ~ +Aii Black Ribbon Gold Magatama COMMON*
Statue in backgroundNogitsune Golden Statue RARE*

The Gacha Arcade June 1- June 30
One of SL's favorite gacha events. It's always packed the first week, so plan on being very patient and persistent or cam in from the offsite shopping area.

We <3 Roleplay  June 4 - June 30
The next round will begin Sunday and run for the rest of the month. Always a good shopping opportunity.

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