Friday, October 2, 2015

The Nightmare Event is open!

Whether you're looking for fascinating goodies to add to a Halloween costume or you just like a really good haunted adventure, the Nightmare Event is the place to go!

There are amazing things for sale on the upper level of the sim. If you take the teleporter at the center down to the next level, you can pick up a hud for the Nightmare Event Pumpkin Hunt and then the fun begins!

In order to receive the free gifts displayed at many of the shops on the upper level, you have to wear the hud while hunting for 25 pumpkins. You then go through an amazing haunted/freaky/unsettling sim and a huge maze to find the pumpkins.

At the end of the day, it's all about the good things ~ getting home to your own haunted house with a pile of goodies from a hunt, a cuddly new Kitsune, and a new phobia (I'm now afraid of high stone walls and retracing my steps over and over again in a maze while hunting for the last illusive pumpkin. )

I had the honor of participating in a survey earlier this year. We were asked to rank a bunch of fears and phobias such as insects, being out of control, hospitals, clowns... you get the picture: those things that really creep you out. The creepiest ones appear in this event and they're very well done!

Head, eyes & skin  ~  +Aii Arachnia available @ the Nightmare Event
Hair ~ Damselfly Collins
Jewelry ~ Luas Elvira Golden / Silver Spiders ~ Doll House creepy Nightmare gift
Dress ~ Una Bronte Brown
Plushy ~ LOVE Nightmare Kistune Copper lots of other styles from the gacha @ the Nightmare Event


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