Monday, October 19, 2015

Mid October and Second Life is preparing for Halloween

I spent the weekend doing all sorts of interesting activities that had a slightly dark edge...

FC Dark Magic Dance

Faery Crossing does all kinds of good work with new SL residents. There are regular dances on Mondays @ 12 and Fridays @4 slt. The picture is of a special dance venue for one held Saturday. FC has a wonderful haunted castle which is part of the 2015 SL's Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt

Pastel Goth Event
This one was a struggle for me. Somehow, in my mind, "Pastel" and "Goth" just don't occur in the same universe, but I gave it a try.

There were some interesting things to see there. Not the least of which were the little blond, pink-cheeked "Goths" in their pastel cutie dresses. For me, putting pastel paint on a skull doesn't make it Gothic... or desirable.
The best part of my visit was wearing my Monster Heels from +Aii+. I've been wearing them all weekend to all kinds of activities and even to a formal ball and I love their cheery little teeth! I'm also wearing the Just Jeans from Purple Moon and a sweater from Ema's I found on MP.

2nd Burn SL's tribute to Burning Man

If you like performance art, check it out. Or do what we did and just go over and say "hi" and get to know the residents of this temporary city in the desert.

Fallen Gods Anniversary Fallen Gods is an institution among fantasy lovers in Second Life. Alia Baroque, the "skin carver", makes wonderful fantasy skins of all kinds and colors and has a network of other creators who make clothing and accessories to compliment them.

From now till October 24, Fallen Gods is celebrating it's 8th year . There will be special activities, free goodies and a contest to select the best Male and Female wearing the FG skins. [My entry is above. If you're already a member of the FG group, I'd appreciate a vote! See Oct 9 blog for info on the skin and accessories in the picture] The group is free to join and is well worth it because there is always something happening at the sim and some wonderful, if somewhat unusual, people in the group.

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