Friday, July 17, 2015

Aii has done it again... and a visit to the Wizarding Fair

Once upon a time I had a line in my profile which read "I told you there was a dark side".

Aii is a wonderful resource to nurture my dark side! I had all kinds of fun using some of the recent Ugly and Beautiful releases to make a look that is dark but at the same time, strangely beautiful...

I showed the skirt in an earlier post, but here it is paired
with the wonderful matching bodice and sleeves for a dressier look.
The Moon Princess gown is short in front and long in back for a really sexy line-
black or white with silver or gold trim, with or without the shaded lining.
I blogged the Virus skin & eyes a week ago, but can't stop playing with them! 
Aii released some long tongues and I had to see how it would go with the skin.
 Every girl should have a long lavender tongue to match the lining of her skirt!
That's what fashion in SL is all about: playing...having fun...
 pushing the envelop and loving the look you make.
Don't be bound by someone else's idea of fashion.
Wear what makes you happy.
If you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right!
Top & Center-
Dress Aii Moon Princess Gown II Gold and Black
Eyes Aii Haze Virus
Skin Aii Rot Virus with Veins
Tongue Aii Long Tongue comes in a variety of colors and are also available for the guys
Ears Europa Silvan
Hair CaTwA C4 black ombre
Jewelry Plastik Pentacle Kult Choker
Shoes 50 Club Star High Heels
Vamp fangs available in every avi's Library file
Bottom- Everything is the same except the hair. What a difference!
Hair Amacci Isak White
Now for my geek side: there's a lovely gacha/sales event in the Mischief Managed RP sim. The Wizarding Fair offers all sorts of wondrous Harry Potter related items. It's mostly gachas, so should fall within the budget of most HP fans. Follow the footsteps through the halls of Hogwarts to find all the goodies... and just in case you were wondering, there are school uniforms available at the fair, but I already had the Hogwarts uniform in my inventory.
(Aznana proudly stamps a G for Geek...or for Gryffindor...on her forehead)
Hair Exile Jack or Jill gift in all colors during Hair Fair (see the July 11 post)
Outfit T&T Hogwarts school uniform available on MP
Skin .:WOW Skins:. Katty Celtic Golden

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