Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend of July 11

Can there be too many gacha events? Apparently not. This week the OMG (Oh My Gacha) Event started and everybody in SL seemed to be there.
A good variety of gacha goodies from toys to tats to furnishings presented in a repurposed drive-in.

Hair Fair July 11-26
Those who know me know that I'm a major hair fanatic ( I won't use the rather derogatory term ordinarily applied to those of us who never met a hair that they didn't want - I'm assuming children might use your computer sometime).

Hair Fair, the once a year dream for those of us who must have the latest and greatest in SL hair, will run July 11 - 26. Lots of opportunities to justify your hair purchases by knowing that proceeds benefit Wig for Kids, which provides wigs for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other illness.

Do a search for the Hair Fair Demo Group and click JOIN to get boxes of demos prior to the event. At the event, be prepared to be patient and plan to travel light! It's usually maxed out the first several days and laggy the rest of the time, but the previews make it easy to find the hair makers you want with the least amount of stress. Besides, it's fun to play with the demos while you're waiting to get in!

I'm seated in the middle of just a few of the hair demos I received today. There are offerings from the Alice Project, Analog Dog, CaTwA, Clawtooth, Damselfly,Emo-tions, Exile, Mina, No.Match, and Olive. There are many, many more! I'm wearing one of the demos from No.Match, No Drama.

SLurl for the redhead sim, if the others aren't full you can get to the whole fair from here-

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