Monday, October 24, 2016

We all make sacrifices

Premium Only Event "Supernatural" Oct 12 - Nov 2.
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The dream was always the same...
She was helpless and trapped in an impossible situation as things spun out of control. She would wake shaken and afraid.

Then she decided to let the dream run to its natural conclusion.

She closed her eyes and dozed. She saw herself from a distance.
Though the situation looked threatening, there was nothing to restrain her or keep her in a vulnerable position. All she needed to do was make an effort and she'd be free!

She realized that the only one imposing restraints upon her actions was herself.

She decided that freedom would be worth the sacrifice. She rose stronger, wiser and ready to face what may come without fear.

Head/skin ~ Genesis Lab Rina
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 3.5
Outfits ~ Mon Ami Hooded Dress Gacha [Hair available, too / 5 colors / Standard sizes] *
Jewelry ~ Rebellion Occult Raven Necklace [original mesh with texture change hud / resizer] *
Sacrificial Altar ~ Pose It Gacha item *

*Available @ Premium Only Supernatural

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