Thursday, August 25, 2016

Designer Showcase ~ the other side of the story

Friday Night on the Town pt 2

We started our adventure for August's Designer Showcase with the tale of a failed date.
(See my blog for August 5 for the first part of the story.)
Here's the other side ...

He did keep the date, but got the wrong day. In his eagerness to enter the date in his phone, his finger slipped and he put it in the wrong line.

He dressed in a new shirt, had his hair styled and even polished his shoes.
He showed up early at the bar, drank a few beers, then switched to coffee, read and watched for her till "last call" and ended up going home alone.

So sad! They would have made a lovely couple.
The lesson here is: be careful when making entries in your calendar!

Hair ~ lock&tuft Gerald [3 color huds] *
Skin ~ WoW Josh Tan
Shirt ~ A&D Tonny [Classic, Signature, Slink, TMP/ three colors shown ~ available individually or in a fatpack hud with 18 colors] *
Pants ~ [Syn] Jensen bootcut
Jewelry ~ Reverie Dog Tags

* Available @ Designer Showcase

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Photo location ~ Black Milk

Thanks to my friend, Alfred, for posing in this set

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