Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

August 7 ~ September 7
Countdown clock and previews here ~

+Aii+ will have some amazing items in the upcoming round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival.
Look for Threads of Fate!

In Greek myth, the Fates were three sisters called the Moirae, who spun the thread of each person's life. Lachesis measured the thread,  Clotho wove the pattern and Atropos cut the thread that ended life.

I chose to represent the traditional Greek myth for this picture. Lachesis' threads* are wrapped around my arms and I hold Atropos' scissors. The threaded skull fits SLINK hands, but can be adjusted easily to fit other hands and has an animation that keeps it extended and on display even with an AO or pose. Clotho's mask (not shown) is also available from the +Aii+ gacha.

Horns ~ +Aii Moirai Horns COMMON (13 colors)  *
Hair ~ Calico Elysia Calico's Picks
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 3.5
Toga ~ Anachron Homeward Star Chiton
Jewelry ~ M&L Spartan Queen set
Shoes ~ KC Shoes & Apparel Xena Boots
Scissors ~ +Aii Atropos Scissors COMMON *
Threaded Skull ~ +Aii  RARE *
*available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
I'm posing in my favorite foggy graveyard at Chiaroscuro's Dark Underworld.

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