Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sleepless in SL

I received a set of wonderful skins from +Aii+ today. The skin line is called Sleepless and ironically, they arrived in my mailbox at 3:05 a.m. I was having one of those nights and wandering SL in hopes of finding entertainment till Morpheus could overtake me.

With names like Frail, Sick, Tainted, Withered and Dead, you can see that the skins are for those special occasions when you are in need of some special care. Each comes with a no brow, dark and white brow standard skins as well as TMP and Omega appliers for both bodies and heads.

I'm wearing Weary, which is the darkest tone, and exactly how I was feeling. There's nothing like playing with new skins till the sun comes up to help you forget those pesky worries that are hissing in your ears and keeping you awake!

Skin ~ +Aii+ Weary available @ the main store
Shape ~ Magic Avi Rag Nymph
Hair ~ Rezology Graceful Goddess
Nightshirt ~ Cellar Door Revival Tunic Ivory
Snakes ~ +Aii+ Oorochi RARE from the gacha collection @ Epiphany (coming soon)
Background ~ LaGyo Wintermoon Veil

+Aii+ The Ugly & Beautiful ~

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