Thursday, March 10, 2016

+Aii+ @ Skin Fair (March 11-27)

+Aii+ has released a few mesh heads in the past including the Arachne ones I blogged back on October 2, but these are different. The single head can be used as an everyday head and then there's the triple head...

Each head comes as a blank white mesh which must have skin texture applied using the Omega hud, which is available either in the +Aii store or on MP.  This was my first attempt at applying a skin to a head, but the process was very simple and I love the result.

There is a textured spot on the forehead to apply a third eye and +Aii has third eyes available for purchase in the store. I opted for the more elaborate Jewel Demon Eye.

+Aii+ Tsukiakuma Mesh Head
Skin ~ DBF Misumi skin, ivory
Third eye ~ +Aii+ Jewel Demon Eye
Hair ~ Olive Darla Hair Dark
Jewelry ~ :::DC::: Owned collar
Bracelets ~ Cute Poison Celestial bracelet
Outfit ~ Alb Prema Saree dress

+Aii+ Omega Freak Head (includes eyes)
Jewelry ~ LaGyo Anantha Necklace
Outfit ~ Alb Savitri Dress 3

+Aii+The Ugly & Beautiful


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