Wednesday, March 23, 2016

+Aii's Oracle

Oracles live lives of solitude and often of anguish because of their ability to foretell the future. 

She clings to her talisman and counts on the protection of the words and sigils flying about her to protect her even when the vision has brought her to her knees.

I combined the Opalite Oracle Robe and accessories from +Aii+ with a couple of sacred talismans also from +Aii+ to create a tribute to those ancient and modern women who live apart and tell the truth.

+Aii+ ~ Cloak, chains, and floating lights
+Aii+ ~ Sacred Talismans in hand and surrounding me in the air

Head ~ Genesis Makena 2.0 Albino
Body ~ TMP free body, hands and feet available @ the Shops
Hair ~ Red Mint Hair N0,15'13
Collar ~ Curious Silver and Diamond collar

+Aii+ The Ugly & Beautiful


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