Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New treasures from Aii + {Devil}

Aii the Ugly and the Beautiful + {Devil} has just released some new goodies with a more modern look than usual.

The skirt is called Space Princess and it got me thinking of a possible back story for the Tooth Jewelry that came with it.
What if... an advanced space civilization honored their historic roots by wearing the teeth of the species they encountered? If you look closely, you'll see the jewelry is made of teeth that look decidedly... human.

Fishnet top + {Devil} ~ comes in a variety of colors and two styles with and without seams across the breasts. For standard bodies, the tops are on the tattoo layer so that you can wear it with vests, jackets, armor or whatever you want. Appliers for mesh bodies included.

Space Princess skirt + {Devil} ~ Black or white tapered skirt trimmed with a subtle line of gold or silver around the edges. The lining is a purple and blue universe print which looks wonderful with the metallic trim.

Tooth Jewelry + {Devil} ~ Only Aii could make something so creepy seem so desirable. Necklace, bracelets and earrings come trimmed with either ruby or purple and come in a clean version or the aged version I'm wearing. Available at the Ai gacha event starting June 1.

Skin {T&T} Beautiful Body Lea in ivory ~ Hair Truth Jinx pastels ~
Boots Yasum*MESH*Rider Boots

Priestess Hairsticks
These are more in keeping with Aii's traditional style. Lovely, well made in a variety of colors, the ones I'm modeling are the RARE Priestess of the Rose headdress in crimson. The COMMON hairsticks are without the roses. These will be available beginning June 1 at the Ai Gacha Event
Hair D!va Ami ~ Kimono Ho Wear Lotus ~ Skin Mother Goose Bomi

Aii Devil Tail store http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devils%20Tail/128/190/22

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