Monday, May 18, 2015

Events for mid-May

The World Gothic Faire

I ran through the World Gothic Faire rather quickly, but intend to return when I have time to browse. For those whose lifestyle is on the dark side, this is a great opportunity to do some shopping and to meet kindred spirits.
I ran into Morning Star at Club Gothica in the center of the Faire and she posed for me. It's a little disconcerting when my roommate can totally rock the Goth look so easily- who knew?

Top- Lovecats "Kilt Noir" ~ Skin 7 Deadly S{k}ins May group gift ~ Hair DeLa "Dina"

Morning Star- Dress B-Cute "Melinda" ~ Hair *AP* (Alice Project) "Bells" RARE  ~ Necklace Pixel Box metal crosses ~ Ring CPD
Secret Affair
If you didn't get your fill of fantasy items at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, check out Secret Affair. There are gachas here, but it also features lots of items designed specifically for sale at the event.

The nice folks at Secret Affair are very big on recycling, so depending upon which info vender one clicks, you might get info and LMs for the November 2014 or the March 2015 rounds, but I couldn't find one with the dates for the current round.  It opened May 15, so if it runs two weeks as the other rounds have done, I'm guessing it will end May 30th.

Gypsy tunic is available at this round of SA from !CD (Cellar Door). I was wearing my Faun armored legs from !CD and the top worked perfectly with them. I also bought the matching nomad skirt (not shown)
Skin Plastik Astrali "May" ~ Horns Plastik Vynn "Kadience" ~
Jewelry Circadian from Empyrean Forge

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