Friday, April 21, 2017

Fantasy Faire Day 2

Day 2 finds me in  Morbus, a dark land of twisted thorns and bleached bones.
The Bard Queen is missing and I promised Farion the Pixie I'd assist in his search for her.

This year's Faire brings another challenging quest. Fantasy Faire quests are always so much more than a simple hunt. They involve solving riddles, frequently include physical challenges (just how well can you navigate with your avatar?) and a lot of roaming around the different areas of the Faire talking to helpful strangers or finding arcane objects.

I met a couple of fellow would-be questors who said they'd been waiting all day for the Bard Queen to speak, so I waited with them ...
... and waited

... and waited
Quest huds will be available "soon" at all major landing zones. Those of you who have done FF quests in the past know what I mean! If this is your first year to quest, be patient ! There is usually a waiting period while the huds are tested and debugged, which can't be done till the sims are actually open. Believe me, hard as it may be to wait for the quest to begin, everyone who has ever done one agrees that the rewards are well worth the wait!

Hair ~ Exile Gina free gift for the grand opening of their remodeled store
Head ~ Catwa Lona v2.12
Skin ~ Plastik Hope  RFL skin. This skin is absolutely gorgeous! Available with 4 levels of mask and as a tattoo for Classic and Mesh bodies. As always from Plastik, there are a ton of extras in the box and the purchase of this special skin goes to RFL.
Also available in a male version. *
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.0
Outfit ~ Spirelle StarSeeker includes tattoos/appliers for the body part and floaty flexies for the skirts. The headpiece and arms are available separately, as are the Nebula sparklies *

*Available @ Fantasy Faire

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