Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fantasy Faire: Day 1

Your first stop before approaching the Fairelands should be the WEBSITE. Check the schedule and collect any SLurls you'll need before tping into the actual event. There is a LOT going on and once you get to the sims, you won't want to be wandering around trying to find that particular hunt, parade or show you heard about.

Where shall we begin? I suppose Louis Carrol put it best: 'Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.'

The first stop for most Faire-goers is The Faireland's Junction
You can see the Junction beyond the gate in the picture above. It's a wonderful forest of old growth trees and the main landing spot is a forest monarch which is large enough to house a whole village inside it's hollow bole. I spent a couple of happy hours wandering on the wooded paths just because I was so enjoying the forest.

Be sure to pick up a Scroll of Teleporation Hud and you'll probably also want one of the FREE Fish Eye Avatars from Wilds of Organica which are available at main landing points and at other locations on each sim. The Fish Eye avis are low lag and fun to use. They make getting from place to place throughout the event as painless as is possible. Looking like a cross between Dorie and Mike Wazowski isn't a bad thing either. If you haven't tried morphing into another species, it may open all kinds of exciting possibilities for you.

Be sure to leave yourself lots of time to explore the Faire. You definitely can't do it in just an hour!
It is not unusual for experienced Faire goers to take the week off so that they can dedicate the time needed to exploring the sims and doing the Quest.

As with any major SL event, go as low script and low lag as possible. Leave your extra huds, your bling and those cute shoes that send your rendering cost through the roof for another time.
There will be LAG! Embrace it like a lover, laugh at the glitches and enjoy the Faire!

Oh, and don't forget to DONATE! This is all about Relay for Life and the battle against cancer.

Hair ~ Truth Wind
Head ~ Catwa Lona v2.12
Skin ~ Belleza Callie
Body ~ Maitreya Lara 4.0
Outfit ~ Tamiron Forge Freya dress and jewelry [Classic with Omega appliers] *
Boots ~ Lindy Vinka Boots Tawny [Classic, Maitreya, Slink]
Nails ~ Nexus Nebulous Nails [Omega, Slink]

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