Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekend @ the beach house

She said she'd be here as soon as she makes a few stops...

She has to stop @ Epiphany. It's a sim full of gachas. How long can that take? (Off sim shopping, just in case)

... and the Hentai Fair? That's all kinky underwear and stuff. I like the toys and costumes she finds there.
Sounds like a win-win for both of us

... and the Secret Affair? Mermaid apparel and accessories...perfect for the beach, but I may never get to see it.  It's getting dark and she still isn't here.
I think I've lost her to SL shopping...!

Hair ~ Argrace Minato
Skin ~ WoW Skins Josh
Outfit ~ Prism for Men Merlin B jeans and sweater [Classic, Adam, Aesthetic, Slink, TMP] *
Furnishings ~ OTB Dijon Chair set [5 female, 2 male sits / ottoman not scripted] *

* Available @ Fusion 101

Thanks to my friend, Alfred, for the use of his place and for modeling.

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