Saturday, November 21, 2015

Late November and SL is turning frosty

There are a couple of great activities you really need to check out this week

1. Skating @ Calas

Ty and Truck have opened the skating rink at Calas and the sim looks wonderful! Skating @ Calas has been one of my favorite things for several years now. Free skates are available at the site or wear your own. There are photo spots, dances and cuddles all over the sim.

I am wearing the latest creations from Roots & Wings while enjoying the scenery around the Calas skating rink.
The winter coat is available in 7 different colors. It is very well done. The textures are nice and I particularly like the lacing on the back. It's classy and makes the coat fit really well. 

The coats are available at a special discount price until November 23.
Winter Coat ~ Roots & Wings  Marianne (rose) and Sabine (golden- available this weekend for only L$60)
Hair ~ Truth Bronwyn
Skin ~ LAQ Jennie2
Gloves ~ Sweet tea 10 colors + appliers
Boots ~ Voodoo Monkey
Skates ~ Abranimations Super skates w hud

2. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

If you want to do something that's just crazy fun, visit the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, going on now till November 26.

You can watch the floats from the crowded sidewalks, but it's much more fun to jump on one of the floats and ride it down the parade route. These are SO well done. Each float has it's own sound stream and dances to fit the music. You can  ride the float from one end of the route to the other, jump off, run up the start and ride another. My friends and I spent a couple of hours doing that and laughed the whole time.

... and yes, I am wearing a turkey tail. The outfit is "Gobble Gobble" from Lovecats- what else would I wear for a Thanksgiving Day parade?

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
May your week be full of blessings and joy!

Roots & Wings

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