Sunday, November 15, 2015

Just a reminder...

The world has had a tremendous shock this weekend and we all feel the need to express our pain, outrage and sorrow. The Second Life community is just as real as any other community. Many of us "know" people through SL who may have been in harm's way and are praying that our friends are safe and well.

Reach out to each other and don't forget to express the joy that your SL friends bring to your life, the love you feel for them and the hope that what we do here in SL will help bring global communication and understanding.

If you wish a tangible way to express your feelings, donate to the Red Cross or inworld, attend one of the many fund raising dances or other activities designed to show support for those who are feeling the brunt of the pain.

 Many SL designers have expressed their feelings through creating art, clothing, flags, etc with support messages for the people of Paris. Most of these items are available free on MP or in the stores. One of those designers is Elisa Cabassoun, who made the "Pray for Paris" dress I was wearing at a Remember Paris party. The dress is available free at the Roots & Wings store. [Boots not included]


I know that my wearing a dress in SL won't make a difference to the people of Paris, but the reminder is important for me.
Many thanks to my friends who reached out to me this week, wept with me, held me and reminded me that there is more good than evil in the world.

One spirit in the dark,
Like a candle wavers
Many spirits joined as one,
Burn with the power of the blazing sun.
There is strength in community,
The circle empowers you and me.
The circle binds yet sets us free,
As we will, so may it be.

Un esprit dans le noir,
Telle une chandelle, vacille
Plusieurs esprits joints en un seul
Brûlent avec le pouvoir intense du soleil
Il y a de la force dans la communauté,
Le cercle nous valorise, toi et moi
Le cercle nous retient, et malgré cela, il nous libère
Comme nous serons, et qu'il en soit ainsi

Red Cross
Roots & Wings

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  1. As we will, so may it be.

    Love you BIG, sweet one.