Friday, April 24, 2015

Fantasy Faire SL March 23- May 3

I love Second Life and have a lot of fun attending various events, but the one I love the most is Fantasy Faire. Held every spring, the best of the best designers of clothing, accessories, avatars and fantasy environments get together in support of  Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society and really pull out all the stops. There are live performers, music, a wonderful hunt and role play activities galore.

Here I am in the Plastik shop in the Sylvan of Spells section at Fantasy Faire. Plastik provided four complete low lag avatars free of charge to everyone attending the Faire. There are two males and two females. The ones in the Plastik shop are the full version and probably come with lots of extras (Plastik is great for that!) The basic special edition sets are free at the FF Junction! I'm wearing the skin from one and the hair and outfit from the other in this picture. The scarification on the skin is amazing! Flowers, jewelry and ears are my own.

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